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Monday 8 March 2010

An Indifferent Weekend.

Wow wasn't the weather fabulous over the weekend. The temperatures may have been well and truly below zero, but the daytime hours made up for it with wall to wall sunshine. The lowest temperature over the weekend was from last night. It got down to -6.7c brrrrr. Thankfully we were very cosy with both stoves going. So the weather was lovely and the conversations I had with people over the weekend were excellent, I managed to get our bikes out of the hold, so I can now ride my bike about. Both of them have been hidden in the hold for 3 years, as we have not had any need for them. But now I can really use mine for shopping and getting around. I also go the chance to tidy the boat and do some cooking on and in the back cabin stove.
So why was my weekend indifferent?
The answer to that question was because of the way I felt, when I found out that one of my girls had just had her hen night and is getting married in two weeks time. No one has let me know. I did not expect an invite, because it was I who walked away from the family home 10 years ago (Long story). My ex is supposed to keep me informed about what the children are doing. This was agreed in our divorce, but he never keeps to it. My heart today is aching, because every mother wants to be a part of their childs wedding. I know that it could be said that I gave up that right when I left the family home, but that was done because if I had not I would have had a breakdown. I so wish I did not feel like this, but I would love to wish my daughter a happy wedding day. I am so proud of my children and the adults they have become. I am a mum with an aching heart.

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