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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Gallows Hill to Market Harborough.

Map image

Gallows Hill to Market Harbrough 5 miles travelled in 2 hours.

Today was dentist day for Keith, he had to have his first round of treatment for a new crown, so we were going to be moving, but that was not before we woke up at 6am. The wind and rain actually woke me up, followed by Marmite dreaming on the side bed. Marmite was growling in her sleep, which was hilarious because she is a cat. I have never heard her growl before. After the usual early morning cup of tea, we were up and about. Paddy and I set off a long the towpath in a very light drizzle. This was such a change from the previous few days weather, where it had been crisp and cold. There was still ice on the surface of the canal, so we knew we would be breaking ice.

9.25am we untied the boat and slipped our mooring, which was very much enjoyed over the past few days.


The ice was anything from half and inch thick to an inch thick, but Hadar was not bothered by that, she coped admirably with the task.


After an uneventful 2 hour cruise we pulled into a piled mooring outside of the 48 hour moorings, and I walk up to see if there was anything available near the wharf, which there was so I waved to Keith to let him know and he bought Hadar down to the 48 hour moorings.

Having moored up, I did a quick change of clothing from my boating tat to something a little more respectable, because Keith had his first appointment at our dentist, to have his tooth prepared for a crown, so we went into town for some shopping and had lunch at Pizza Express, before going to Keith's appointment. I did not go in with him, as I am not keen on the dentist, although I do go for my appointments like a good girl, I went off to get some more anti-inflammatory tablets for my wrist, then went back and sat in the waiting room of the dentists. I sat watching Sky News for an hour whilst Keith had his tooth prepared for his crown and he also had a filling done, so it will be soup for his dinner tonight. After Keith was all sorted we walked back to the boat, where we will be spending a relaxing evening in front of the BBC, because that is all we can get.

Chat soon xxxx

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