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Monday, 16 January 2012

Walk to Great Bowden and back.

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Having had lunch and a coffee, I was in need of a walk, so I suggested we walk to Bowden Hall Bridge and back to stretch our legs.


The sun was shining and with not a breath of wind, it was the perfect day for a walk, so with walking boots and fleeces on we left the boat with Paddy who was determined to come with us. He had been bouncing around the cabin like an excited puppy. Off we went along the towpath to Bowden Hall Bridge, once there Keith suggested we walk up into Great Bowden, because we have never walked up there before.


As we walked along the road into the village the views across the valley were stunning.


The village is a very pretty little village with a large green.


In the old days there would have been stocks on the green. They could probably be put to good use even today. There is a couple of pubs in the village, plus a couple of shops and a post office. We almost stopped for a coffee at Welton's, but then realised we only had just over £2 between us and they wanted £1.50 for a cup of coffee, so we carried on with our walk. But should you need supplies then both shops were useful.


The church is St Peter and St Paul. It is a lovely church and was built in the 13th century and was restored in 1887.


The Old School was built in 1838 by Charles Shuttleworth, sadly he died before it was completed. In 1983 the school was changed into the church hall when a new school was built in the village.


The Round House is rather splendid and is a Grade II lisred building built in the early 19th century.


The village hall was built in 1903 to commemorate Edward V11’s coronation and is where the Old Union Canal Society holds its meetings. Maybe one day we will get to go to one of their meetings as we are members.

After a lovely walk, we made our way back through the village, along the towpath and back to the boat collecting a broken fishing rod and an old umbrella all disgarded by their owners, who were to lazy to take them home and bin them.


Both Paddy and Keith were beginning to flag, so once back on board Paddy retired to his bed and Keith and I enjoyed a cup of coffee.

Dinner tonight is Lamb Chops, which have been cooking slowly in the back cabin stove, so should be nice and tender. We will have them with mashed potatoes and veg. Off now to get on with a few more jobs before the light fades outside.

Chat soon xx

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