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Thursday 30 August 2012

Day 7. Shackerstone and the sun is out.

Hello from yes we are at Shackerstone, as if you did not already know. This morning after running the generator, Keith and I changed the oil in the generator as it had done 200 hundred hours. We like to make sure we change it every 200 hours to keep it fresh. We had a great chat with Brian on NB Kyle who we have known for years and he is moored behind us alongside Kingfisher. Brian arrived last night with his dog Ghost and I am quite sure we will do a lot of catching up over the next few days, as well as downing some wine along the way.
With boat jobs done, I then went off with my camera along the towpath to capture the new arrives both on the field and on the towpath. It is wonderful to see it building and that includes my excitement.
The festival site is growing steadily.
More fun fair lorries have arrived.
The campers and caravan field is also getting busier.
Despite the heavy rain yesterday the festival field is coping really rather well.
A few more private boats have turned up.
The historic boat moorings are filling up fast.
I have a feeling that if they all turn up, there maybe a few mooring issues. But we will see what happens over the next couple of days. 
As I was starting this posting, my phone rang which it does not do very often. It was Tesco, they had rung me to apologise for the fact that I did not get my delivery hour text. The gentleman was very interested to hear about our life on the water and how important the Tesco delivery is to us. He told me that he would be contacting the store where our delivery came from to make sure they did text customers in future. I told him that for us to sometimes collect our delivery we need to walk to the nearest bridge so the delivery time is important to us and it also means we do not have to stand out in all weathers for a couple of hours waiting. He apologised and then thanked me for shopping with Tesco. It was nice that someone took the time to ring me, especially as I had sent them a message via their website and via their driver. So thank you Tesco.
Thursday has been a somewhat quieter day for me, but tomorrow I know I am going to be busy baking cakes, hovering the boat through and endless other jobs.

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