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Wednesday 24 October 2012

MOT under way.

I knew, I knew, I knew it. Yes I have an infection under a tooth grrrrr. I visited the dentist yesterday afternoon and she confirmed what I had feared, so I am now on a 5 day course of antibiotics arghhhhhhh. I am hopeful they will do the trick and not other medical attention will be required. I have had this happen on two previous occasions which then required root canal work, these both failed and I ended up having both teeth out, so I am very apprehensive at the moment. 
After the dentist it was time to make an appoint at the doctors to discuss the Menopause, which I have been going through for five years now and I would really like to know when I am likely to see an end to the symptoms. I have been told by friends that it will end when it ends, which of course is correct, but when you hear of friends getting through it in a couple of years, it makes me wish I was in their shoes. On the other hand I did hear from another friend who said she went through it for ten years, now I really hope that is not be my fate. I will be very happy to get rid of the aching joints, hot flushes and other symptoms which are driving me mad. I am not going to go down the HRT route, but hope that a blood test can tell me where I am in my biological decline. 
Doctors appointment made, it was then on to the chemists for our annual flu jab. Keith and I have been paying for our flu jabs for the past three years, I used to get one free due to continuous Bronchitis in the winter months, but after moving on to the boats, my Bronchitis got less and so the GP stopped me having the free flu jab. Because I still felt I should have it, I have paid for it. The first year it cost us £15 each, the second year £9.95 due to more people taking up the offer of a flu jab, so this bought the cost down. This year we paid £9.99, still cheap though for the cover it gives us both. 
In amongst doing the bodily MOT, we have supplied coal to boaters and chatted to our friends in Market Harborough. It is wonderful to be back. I still have a lot of catching up to do with people we have still to see, so I am sure there will be a lot more to come.

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