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Monday 28 April 2014

Got a list on.


At 1.50 am I woke up after being woken by a thump in the galley and then I heard trickling of fluid. I thought what the hell is that. I got up to find our perspex windows for the galley doors on the floor and the trickling noise was the diesel flowing from one tank to another. I woke Keith who was in the land of nod and we both got up. Keith rang the Canal and River Trust to report the problem to the emergency helpline, who were very prompt at answering and giving us assurance that they would get someone out to see what the problem was. With that I made us a cup of tea and whilst we sat in a sloping bed drinking our brew, there was a hello of a cracking noise. So I dived off the bed and went outside with the torch. The pontoon mooring ring had snapped off due to the listing and the weight of our boat, which is loaded with Six tonne of coal at the moment. Keith found a ring and a D-Shackle so we made up a temporary ring and I sorted the mooring rope out.

More tea was drunk as I made a cuppa for a fellow moorer. We heard a couple of male foxes having a conversation not far from us. There was a lot of nattering done until we all decided at 4.30 am we were getting chilly. Keith and I decided we would go back to bed and try and get some sleep. We sleep in the back cabin on the cross bed and thankfully our feet were on the tilt, this meant that I kept sliding down the bed and so spent a couple of hours dozing in the bed ‘ole, but hey I did get a couple of hours of sleep, before waking up and thinking it was time to make a start on the day.


We were both expecting the boat to be on more of an even keel, but no we were actually worse. Having gotten dressed we went to see what was happening when C&RT rang Ian who looks after the arm ground, he was told that there was something under the paddle and they could not sort it out until they got more equipment, which would enable them to get into the water properly, so we will be listing for a good few hours more it seems.

Both Paddy and Marmite and non to happy with the new angle. Paddy’s bed slid from one side of the boat to the other and Marmite has an odd walk going on. It is going to be a fun day.

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