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Monday 7 April 2014

Joy of Joy’s.

For anyone who reads my ramblings, you will know that Keith my darling man has been through a dreadful time of late with his health. He spent 43 days in hospital after his Gallbladder ruptured without warning. Since coming home from the hospital, he has steadily improved. Two weeks ago his t-tube was taken out and today we went off to the hospital again with a hope that they would remove the bag which the bile had been draining into.

We caught the bus to the hospital on a day ticket, because it is cheaper that way and costs us £9.20 to go anywhere we want in the area. We arrived at the ward and spoke to the ward manager, who told us there was no one there today to see Keith, despite the fact we had been told to go there for today. She went off and spoke to the ward clerk, who then came and asked us who had told us to appear today, so we told her the doctors names. It turns out one of them was away, the student doctor had left for another hospital and the registrar was in clinic arghhhhh. She asked us to wait and she would check with the registrar. After a few minutes to beckoned us to her and asked us to follow her to the registrars clinic, he was going to fit Keith in phewwwwww.

We sat and waited and half an hour later we were called into the registrars office where he reckoned Keith did not need another blood test, and after checking the contents of the bag, he decided he would just take the bag off and cover the wound. So with a huge amount of relief we thanked the registrar for all his help and support and for everything he had done for Keith.

As you can imagine we both left the hospital with smiles, but I have to say Keith’s smile was huge. Because had this day rider ticket, we thought we would make the most of it, so popped into Leamington Spa, where we had a Chinese Buffet meal at Oriental Star. After a fabulous lunch, we had a bit of a stroll, before Keith was beginning to feel pooped, so it was back to the boat homeward bound.

A great day for a small reason. This past few months has been hard, especially for Keith who was so very poorly. I have also felt it and even now every now and again the palpitations kick in, but maybe now things will settle down a bit.

We have not finished with the hospital completely, because next week Keith has his MRI for his back and we still have to get his nose operation rebooked.

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