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Sunday 10 May 2015

Banbury being enjoyed.


Our Banbury mooring has been such a quiet one. Even at night it is like the grave. Friday night I got a bit of a fright. I went to bed and could hear what I thought was a fire somewhere outside. I poked my head out of the back cabin doors and saw flames coming from the park by the stern of the boat. I wondered what the heck was going on, so put my slippers on and went and investigated. Due to it being the 7oth anniversary of VE day, the Banbury Council had lit the beacon and that was where the flames were coming from. Phew panic over with.

Saturday morning came and I was awake at stupid o’clock as was Keith, so I made us a cuppa and we sat and listened to the radio. It was of course full of the General Election. After the usual boat stuff and animal stuff in the mornings, we walked into the town and had lunch at our favourite Chinese Buffet for the second day running.


Ruby the owner immediately recognised us and we enjoyed a really good chat with her. Top Wok is an excellent Chinese Buffet, so if your in Banbury go and pay it and Ruby a visit. We paid Tooley’s Boat Yard a visit, to see if we could get a couple of bolts and nuts, but they did not have what we wanted and it looked as though they are running the shop down, because they had very little there. After another look around the town it was back to the boat for a well earned rest, before I took Paddy out to play ball in the park. The poor boy really struggle these days to play for any length of time and before long he was walking drunk back to the boat, so we cut short play time.

Sunday and once again awake way to early. There was a chill in the air when I took Paddy for his morning walk and the cloud hardly broke all day.


Keith and I paid a visit to our friend Bruce who moors at Grimsbury Wharf outside of Banbury. He showed us their railway and buildings.


It was fantastic to see him and to see him looking so well. Having left Bruce we walked into the town because we needed a cartridge for the printer. it was then time to get back to the boat and i got on with cooking some lunch.

After lunch, I took Paddy out for his afternoon stroll and then went out with my camera.


Banbury Cross.


There are some lovely buildings in Banbury and with it being a Sunday and very quiet, I got the chance to actually stroll around and take a few pictures. Castle Quay was busy with people though and so I had to run the gauntlet of kids and people who seem to like walking through you.

Tomorrow we will be winding and heading back from where we have come from.

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