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Monday 18 May 2015

Braunston Top Lock to Yelvertoft

Last night (Sunday) Keith and I joined Nick of Aldgate and Nick from the  Top Lock Cottage for a drink and a good old natter at the Admiral Nelson. Great pub with lovely owners, who make you feel very welcome. It is our second visit there and will be going again. We had a fabulous evening with the two Nicks.
Woke up this morning to rain dancing with hobnail boots on the roof of the back cabin, so it did not bode well. We let go at 8 am and headed into Braunston Tunnel. It was a darn sight drier in there than outside.
We arrived at Norton Junction at 9 am and passed Judith and John on NB Serena, John gave us a wave. There were a lot of moored boats all along that stretch, some of which were probably going to the Crick Festival which next weekend. We arrived at the Watford Locks, I stepped off and walked up to find the lock keeper to sign in. We were only his second boat of the day, which was all due to the weather being so wet.
Today was the day I was to do my first locks with Hadar. I used to do the locks with our old boat and in fact Watford Locks were the first locks I did with her after we picked her up from ABNB. 
So this time I was going up hill with Hadar. Keith gave me great instructions through the first of the locks and I got on with it. Because Hadar has gear wheels and they are suited to Keith being left handed, I do have issues with astern and forward, but I got there and I was actually quite chuffed with myself.
As we get older I think we can get fearful of doing new things and I know for me my worry was that I would damage something, because when she is loaded with coal she is a heavy girl and harder to stop. At the moment she is running light, so easier to handle.
I do not know why I was so apprehensive, because it was easier than I expected and so next time I will be much more relaxed.
Having done the locks, we pushed on through Crick Tunnel and past all the mooring, which are now allocated for the festival boats. The rain was now lashing down and it was a matter of finding the first place to tie up and it happened to be just past Yelvertoft Marina. Once tied up, it was a matter of stripping off and getting into dry clothes. My Donkey Jacket was weighing a tonne and I could wring it out. I lit the fire and got the lunch on, whilst taking Paddy out for a quick wee. Never a dull moment on board.
No sooner lunch was eaten, the rain stopped and the sun is now trying to come out.

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