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Sunday 17 May 2015

Up the Hill.

Keith and I have the most wonderful time Friday and Saturday moored opposite The Boat House. We met some wonderful people, old friends and new.

Saturday we went for a walk up into Braunston and then made our way back to The Boat House for lunch. 2 for 1 meals there and they are always great, especially when they are washed down with a pint of beer.

Later in the afternoon Judith and John on NB Serena moored up behind us and we chatted for hours about all things boating and such like. We had not seen them for a long time, so there was plenty of catching up to be done over a cuppa.

Now normally we do not move at weekends, but today (Sunday) we decided we should move as we had done our 48 hours. So we let go at 8.50 am and headed off towards the elsan disposal, before getting to the locks, where a pair of boats were already going up. We paired up with Tony and Sue off of NB The Old Masters. They were fantastic company. The most mazing thing was we had boats coming down all the way up the locks, so every lock was ready for us.


Having boats coming down at each lock has never happened to us before on these locks, so it was an absolute joy.


There was a lot of boat ballet going in the pounds, which made us giggle at times. But no paint was exchanged, although it came close a few times for Tony as boats seemed to think they could go through him.


We tied up at the top behind Aldgate at 11 am and not to long later Judith and John on NB Serena came past heading for the tunnel. It is always wonderful to see friends and catch-up on all their news and so we hope to see them again at some point.

Before lunch was cooked we spent a lot of time chatting to Nick on Aldgate, as it had been a while since we had seen him as well and he did not know that Keith had been so poorly.


We will stop here over night and head off in the morning.

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