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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Auctions and accidents.

Hi Friends. This morning we had a rather chilly start and I should have known it was going to be so because in the early hours of the morning, I had a visitor lying on my pillow purring in my ear. Yes Marmite was feel the chill, so she crept on to my pillow and snuggled up. There was one slight problem with her choice of bed, I had no pillow to put my head on. I laid there for a while so as not to disturb her and then decided that I needed my sleep, so shifted my pillow to where I wanted it, this made Marmite move, she moved to the bottom of our bed and on to my legs, where she stayed until it was time for us to get up. This morning we went to the auction at Gildings and where Keith bid on and bought a set of 3 original graduated Measham jugs, all in excellent condition.I was unfortunately less successful with my choice of lot. I spotted a large box of lace tablecloths and various bits and pieces of lace, along with a lacemakers cushion and all the bobbins. The estimate was £50 to £70, but I set herself a limit of £40, sadly I was completely outbid as they went for £250, a tad more than I was prepared to pay. Whilst we waited for our lots to come up, I had a nice nose around and found this fine rocking horse. Yes I know it is in poor condition, but with lots of TLC it could be absolutely stunning. I hope it found a wonderful home. With my washing machine playing up, I was drawn to this Jiffy washing machine. I have never personally seen one before. There were also wringers, which reminded me of my Granny and getting my thumb stuck in her wringer. Apparently the "Jiffy" washing machine was introduced in the 1920s as an upgrade from the wooden tub machine. We really do not know how lucky we are to have the machines we have now, but on the otherhand I bet the Jiffy never broke down.Upon returning to the basin, we stopped off to chat with Viv on NB First Fruits. David was playing at a wedding, so we sat down with a coffee and nattered with Viv. We will not see them again until October. On returning to our boat we decided to wind in the basin and moor on the towpath, ready for our Tesco delivery tomorrow. Moored up we unpacked the 3 Measham jugs and sorted out the back cabin cupboard to find a home for the new additions. I then committed a cardinal sin. As I passed one of the jugs to Keith, it hit the handle on our Measham Kettle, which broke the handle in 3 places. I was mortified, I burst into tears mainly with shock at what had happened. Keith was somewhat calmer and told me to get the superglue. He has glued the handle back together, and it is holding fast, but we will have to be very careful with it. I am so annoyed with myself and will never forgive myself for what happened. Keith put the kettle in the cupboard and that is where it will stay with our other pieces. I know at the end of the day it is just a piece of pottery and worse things are happening in the world, but the Measham means a lot to us both as we love it. It was an accident, so I will have to get over it. So today has had its up's and down's, but on the whole it has been a good day. Chat soon xx

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