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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Coracles and Hail Stones.

Hi Friends. Happy Mother's Day for anyone who has a mum or is a mum :0). My day began with a nice layin till 8am and then a cooked breakfast cooked by Keith, so a nice start to Sunday. Before breakfast though Paddy had to be walked on what began as a nice warm sunny morning. After breakfast, I relit the back cabin stove and put a chicken in to roast for dinner. I was then about to start of my days list of jobs when Maggie on NB Forever Young called by to let us know they were back down the flight and the boys were going out on their boats. Delighting the crowds in the pool at the bottom of the Foxton flight was not only Vagabond, but a couple of coracle's (CLICK) being operated by Maggie and Mark's boys. Maggie and Mark own NB Forever Young. The boys were very impressive with their skills and neither one fell in.The season has begun for the trip boat from Bridge 61. Vagabond was on trip duty in her new livery. £3 for adults and £1 for children for a 25 minute trip up the canal. It proved very popular with the visitors today. I guess Vagabond will be busy now till the end of the Summer. Whilst watching the Coracles and Vagabond, Maggie made me a coffee and we chatted to the passers-by, who were interested in the boats and life afloat. On returning to Hadar, Keith was painting his water can, so I thought I should show willing by painting the new mop pole. It was then time for lunch, some how the morning had flown by at a great rate of knots. After lunch it was time to sort out the hold and our Summer sale stuff. I wanted it all together ready for when we set up. We have yet to go through it all and make sure it is priced up properly. I then swept the saloon through and wiped down the surfaces, because the dust is still lying from the stove being on all Winter. A boat pulled in behind us and it was Liz and Ian on NB Qui Vardis, they were on their way to Debdale Marina, where they have a mooring for a year. Ian very kindly offered to help us out with the Washing Machine if I could not get it to work, thankfully so far the machine is behaving itself, so his offer of help is not needed right now. It was lovely to meet Liz and see them both with the boat, they had come down the flight. They went on their way and we sat and had a coffee. It is exhausting doing very little, but hey it is a Sunday. The local radio station Hfm (CLICK), said that the weather would be sunshine to begin with and heavy showers coming in later.Along came a hail storm and the visitors to Foxton Locks scattered in every direction looking for shelter. I just stood in the back cabin and watched the hail stones blow across the canal sideways, it is defintely April. Some of the visitors passing us by on the towpath were soaked to the skin. With the hail stones gone, the sun is back out and I dare say the visitors will also be back out again. We are now inside the boat with the TV on watching 'Deal Or No Deal'. I will be sorting out dinner very soon, so I will wish you once again Happy Mother's Day. Chat soon xx

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  1. Loved the coracles used to see them in Wales when I was a kid ...x


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