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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Norton Junction to Bridge 103.

Hi Friends.

It was yet another cold start at only 5c, it was also an early start at 6:00am for us. I do however prefer early starts in the Summer months. We left our mooring creeping past other moored boat and turned at Norton Junction heading for Braunston. Braunston tunnel was warm, it was in fact warmer than outside.
Only the top lock at Braunston was against us which makes a nice change, and we met a few boats travelling up the flight, so that made life a lot easier.
As we cruised towards Napton Junction, we passed a old wooden boat which has been sunk for sometime and has still not been recovered. It is sad to think that this old boat has ended its days in this state.
We moored up near Brass Farthing, the bike shop boat Tiller Cycles (CLICK), which was moored between Bridge 108 and Napton junction, and waited for Graham to arrive, which he did very soon. We sold Keith's bike to him, chatted for a bit, then Tom on Archimedes arrived and I chatted briefly to him, ordering some toilet blue to be delivered with our next coal delivery. Tom zoomed off, as he has to be in London tomorrow, not bad as he only set off from Ellesmere Port Tuesday morning. He and James are doing 12 hour shifts, running both day and night. James has the night shift. Of course they both have youth on their side, I dare say if I was as young as them I would do twelve hour shifts as well NOT. We said cheerio to Graham before heading off to wind at Napton junction. Out intention was to find a mooring for the weekend and no sooner we set of to do just that we met up with Andy and Lyra coming towards us. I am sure we will see Andy another time, when we can have a catch up on all the news.We have moored up near bridge 103 with a great view across the countryside for another long weekend, all we need now the the weather. I made us some lunch and whilst doing so, I could smell something horrible coming from outside. It was either something burning or a chemical smell. It turned out to be coming from the farm near by and it smells like burning tyres. Oh well could be worse I guess. We have a great TV signal for the Royal Wedding tomorrow.
"What I hear you cry"
Come on you cannot tell me you have not heard that there is a Royal Wedding tomorrow, where have you been, it has been plastered over everything.
I am not going to watch it all, but I dare say I will watch the important bits.
Another thing you may like to look out for on Monday is on BBC4, Julia Bradbury is doing canal walks. (CLICK). As we have a digital signal, we will have a look see.

Ok off now to see what jobs need doing.

Chat soon xx

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