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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot.

Hi Friends.

Yesterday ended with Keith's back throwing a wobbly, which it does from time to time. But we could have done without it at the moment. So all bending jobs are left to me at the moment, as is walking Paddy in the evening.

Saturday morning for me began at 5am when Keith's snoring woke me up. He only ever snores when he has a bad back, because he has to lay on his back, so there was I wide awake and wondering whether to get up. In the end I turned over and managed to grab another 40 winks.
I eventually got up at 7am and got on with the morning's chores, which included walking Paddy. Once breakfast was out of the way, Keith and I then set up the Summer stock on the roof of the boat, hoping for a few sales. The weather was glorious and the heat was building, but so were the numbers of visitors to the locks. I put a huge bowl out filled with water for the growing number of dogs who were desperate for a drink. There were some very thirsty dogs, trying to cope with the heat and being dragged up and down the flight of locks.
Last night before closing up the boat, several boats turned up to go down the flight, but as they closed at 6pm, there was no hope of them descending the flight until morning.
This morning by 9.45am the queue at the top and bottom of the flight was such, that there was a 4 hour wait for some boats to descend the flight. All those who where waiting seemed in good cheer. Maybe if it had been wet and cold they would not have been quite so happy, but then again if it had been wet and cold none of them would have left their marina's.
Out Summer stock was laid out to be browsed over and it was not long before we sold a couple of small items. In all we had a pretty good day, which included selling a Replica Measham Teapot.
I had forgotton how tiring it was just nattering to people all day, but it was an incredibly enjoyable day.
As the afternoon drew to a close we packed away the stock and put it away.
Paddy and I walked down the first lock to see the last boat of the day descending the flight, 6pm and the flight was now closed to traffic for another day. We strolled across the pond to the viewing platform, where the view was stunning across the inclined plane and out across the valley where the Rapeseed is in flower.It is now 7.30pm and there are still people walking up and down the locks, I am sat obviously typing up my blog, but relaxing. I have got a lovely tan on the go and reckon I may be a hot bit of stuff in bed tonight, so the duvet will not be called upon. Tomorrow I am going to do a book signing to hopefully raise some funds for Cancer Research (CLICK).

Chat soon xx


  1. I was interested in the Measham ware teapot ..Ive just googled it ...because my Uncle was a headmaster in Measham and we spent many a Summer holiday coming up from Wales and staying in the schoolhouse and riding bikes around the playgrounds ....your post just brought back some happy memories ..yes I get distressed in this weather to see poor dogs being dragged about they can't take the heat and people forget to give them water...we walk ours really early in the morning and later in the evening..poor Keith and his back ...there's nothing worse take care ...xx

  2. Hi Lorna.
    Measham these days can go for a lot of money because it is not made anymore. It is a love or hate it china. I love it.
    I am like you we walk Paddy early and then later, as he has a long coat. The rest of the time he is sensible enough to stay in the shade.
    Keith's back is improving slowly, I just hope he is gonna be ok for blacking on the 9th May ;0(


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