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Friday, 1 April 2011

Brute strength and ignorance needed.

Hi Friends. I said in my previous posting that we would be moving to Foxton for the weekend and that is exactly what we did. Before setting off Marmite had to be moved from the warmth of the back cabin to the chilly saloon. I can tell you she was not best pleased. Sometimes she gives me such a dirty look, that I know I have upset her. Paddy was much more willing to move, but then he is a man and just does as he is told ha ha ha. For the first time in nearly four years since we started out on Hadar we had to use a pole to get off a mooring, it was blowing a hooley!!! Keith tried his usual trick which normally works of leaving the stern tied to a mooring ring and runnning astern, but she was having none of it, so I had to pole the bow out, which was no mean feat as I had to put all of my 5ft frame into the pole and push for all I was worth and then make sure I kept the boat away from the bank. It has certainly not done much for my shoulder, which is not very happy at the moment. Having cleared the mooring, I then walked the mile to Gallows Hill Bridge with the boat pole over my shoulder to pick up the boat and whould you adam and eve it the wind dropped off. Flippin typical. We arrived in Foxton and as the wind was now no where to be seen Keith winded before mooring up on the far side of Rainbow bridge, which he wasn't going to do if the strong wind had continued. Moored up some way behind us was Mark on Callisto, he was going up the flight after taking on supplies. We chat a chat to him to find out his plans before letting him go on his way. We will probably not see him again till October when we come back to our coal run, if we have any customers left. Lunch did not happen until 2pm, so because of the wait I made us some Bacon sandwiches, which went down a treat. I now have to go and do some washing in the Laundrette's machine, not because ours is not working, but because I have large items to do and for £3.50 I can wash the lot all in one go. So I am off to play with something large that vibrates ;0). Chat soon xx


  1. ooer misses that sounds dodgy ...but I guess you are talking about the washing machines !!!.......strange time for me to be blogging but I fell asleep on the setee and now Ive woken up and can't sleep !!!.....so Im catching up on reading blogs ....globe hopping ...have a great weekend xx

  2. Blimey arty that is dedication to the bloggers of this world, reading them early hours, but I know exactly what you mean about not being able to sleep. The problem is if i move in bed it wakes the other half and so then we are both awake lol. Have a lovely weekend xx


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