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Thursday, 14 April 2011

A little bit of retail therapy.

Hi Friends. Now every man knows that a little retail therapy is good for a woman’s soul. Ok I know it is not good for his wallet, but I am fortunate that Keith loves shopping as well, so we can share the damage to the wallet equally. This morning we were awake early, so I got up to a very chilly boat and made us a nice warming cup of tea. The discussion was about going up to Leicester to buy a few bits and bobs. Once up and dressed in my finery, Paddy got his walk, for some odd reason he did not want to go far, so did that he had to do, did an about turn and headed back to the boat. Just after 9am we left and headed for the bus stop. We did not have long to wait for the 3X. Almost an hour after setting off, we arrived in Leicester. We have had a lovely day in Leicester today. Keith upgraded one of our internet dongles, as the original one that I had been using was a bit temperamental at times, and hopefully the new one, which Keith is now using will run better with Windows 7, which it seems to be doing so far. I now have Keith’s dongle, which performs much better on my laptop than my old dongle, which has been consigned to the drawer as a spare. We had lunch at our favourite Chinese buffet restaurant, excellent as always, one of only a few I know that can actually cook their beef dishes, and it isn't chewy like rubber. There was a continental market going on today, and there were lots of stalls in the main streets, selling their wares. Although the stalls looked so inviting, they are always so expensive, so we rarely buy from them, we did however go into my favourite stores Marks and Spencer and Primark to buy some much needed new clothing for the forthcoming summer, socks, underwear and polo shirts, which was the major reason for our trip to the city. I know I like to shop from one end of the price scale to the other. I also went into Claire’s and bought some more bands for my hair, as I am down to just two now and they are on their last legs. On the way home we shared the bus with Peter who, with Ann his wife, live in one of the apartments at Union Wharf. Having got back to the boat, I made us a much needed coffee. The water tank needed filling, so whilst Keith played with his dongle, I sorted out the hosepipe etc and left the water running to fill our tank. Because the water points on the towpath are so slow, I had time to go to the bins with rubbish and on my return the tank was still not full, in all it took an hour to fill the water tank. But that job is done and I am now listening to the generator charging our batteries for the evening, with Hfm blasting out its music in the background. Because we have a very poor signal here, I reckon we will be watching the DVD that Keith bought today. Apparently it is very good and yet I have never heard of ‘Dr Strangelove’, I was only two when it came out, so maybe that is why. I will let you know what I thought of it tomorrow. Chat soon xx

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  1. Two of my kids went to uni in Leicester so I visited there quite a few times. they do have lovely shopping there!

    I need to get some new bits but haven't the motivation just yet!


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