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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Painting and program issues.

Hi Friends. To say I am pooped is an understatement right now. But it has been a very satisfying day, because we have got lots of painting done. The sun shone this morning, so we were up early, Mushroom's on Toast for breakfast and a quick walk up the towpath with Paddy got me in the mood for some painting. What did not make me happy was a pair of Jack Russell's who were running a muck. one of the Jack Russell's was in a farmers field stuck behind a fence, whilst the other was running up and down the towpath, so as I passed a boat moored up, I enquired as to whether the lady owned the two Jack's, she replied she did, so I explained one was stuck behind a fence. She told me it would find its way back when it was ready, so I went on my way feeling a little annoyed at her response. I got back to the boat and began rubbing down the cabin side ready for its third coat of paint, when the lady from before asked. "Have you seen a Brown and White Jack Russell" I replied "Yes I told you, I saw it stuck behind a fence". Her reply was "Oh, it never came back to the boat and now I cannot find it" I said "Well it has not come this way". The woman went on her way, to look for her dog I thought. About 20 minutes later, I saw the Jack Russell down the towpath heading away from the boat, so called it and amazingly it came to me, so I quickly put Paddy's lead on it and marched it back to its boat, where the woman climbed out of the front, she hav obviously not been looking for her dog, but was sat in the front. I informed her it was heading to Foxton Village. She did at least thank me for finding it and offered me a coffee, but I was just about to begin painting, so politely turned the coffee down. This was a fine example why people should watch there dogs at all times and not let them just jump on and off of the boat when they feel like it. Back at the boat, the days painting began. I put a 3rd coat of Blue on the port cabinside, a 2nd coat of Blue on the frame of the starboard engine 'ole, a 1st coat of Blue on the top of the boatman's cabin slide, once the Blue was dry, I then painted a first coat of White, the second coat will go on tomorrow. Whilst I did that Keith painted the 3 white bands around the 2nd water can, and the White band around the pouring spout, and touched up the bucket with a bit of primer, ready to put some new Blue on. I then began rubbing down the bow ready for the Blue paint and for the Red when I have the undercoat. It is all looking fantastic. During the afternoon, I put the 1st coat of Blue on the bow, with a view to adding a 2nd coat tomorrow. So as you can see it has been a busy painting day. We did have a lunchtime break for half and hour, and there were coffee breaks as well. I love it when I productive days like today. I am now trying to decide what to have for dinner tonight. It will be something quick and easy I reckon. How has your day been?? Before I sign off today, I wanted to mention a couple of programs I watched last night. "The Boat that Guy built" (CLICK) has been showing on BBC1, actually it finished last night. Did anyone watch it?

What did you think about the series?

I had issues with the name of the show, they should have called it "The boat Guy refitted out", as he did not build the boat in the first place. But I guess my option is not as catchy. To read the story of the boat which was not neglected as was reported on the program was infact a project underway. Read Andrew's report from Granny Button's (CLICK).

There was a lot I did not like about the series, but we cannot all like everything.

My second program with issues is "Jamie's Dream School"(CLICK). The idea behind the series is fantastic and should work, the only problem are the young people they took on. I cannot believe that having been given such a fantastic opportunity, they go on national TV and behave as they do. This school has been set up to help these young people to turn their lives around. They are not doing themselves any favours with their behaviour. I am not someone who swears, I was bought up not too and see no need for it. So to hear these young people swearing not just in class at the teachers, but also at their own parents makes my blood boil. If I had sworn at school, I would have been up in front of the headmaster and if I had sworn at home I would have been given a good hiding by my father. This program really does show the worst in our young people. What is worse is they are what this country is going to depend on in the years to come. It does not bode well in my opinion. I do however realise that some of this may have been hyped up for the program, but you see this sort of behaviour so often in the street. I fear for this country if discipline is not bought back into the school and home.

Right time for me to put my thinking cap on, so I am off now.

Chat soon xx


  1. Painting looking good ..i'm impressed ...I watched the series and enjoyed the making of the sheets on old looms ...I would being a textile teacher .....there were bits of the prog I didn't like but I guess it was a way of getting over info what could have been a bit stuffy to some by using two youngsters ..I suppose it made it appealing to a younger audience too .generally i did enjoy it though ...as for Jamie's dream school ....unfortunately I can say that children DO behave like that ...we as teachers don't have many sanctions to use against abusive pupils and I'm afraid that it is a daily occurance being answered back or sworn at ......don't get me started on that one .it is a constant battle ..my partner Jim who also works at school was kicked by a student last week and another threatened him ......one was excluded for 3 days and the other ...well nothing happened except the boy was made to apologise .....we feel quite helpless at times and unsupported .....however there are good students too which still makes it worthwhile ....off my soapbox now ...have a good evening and enjoy your beautiful painted boat ...xx

  2. Good morning Arty.

    I am really sorry that you and your partner have to suffer at the hands of youngsters who feel it is their right to abuse you, whether it be by words or actions.
    If when I was at school you kicked a teacher you would have been in the headmasters office quick smart and would have been caned and then excluded. This sort of behaviour should never be allowed, but discipline has gone from the schools, all because of human rights etc, etc, etc and I seriously think it needs to change and quick. Teachers do not earn enough to have to put up with that sort of behaviour and I do not think even if you did earn a lot of money you should have to be sujected to such acts. No wonder no one wants to be a teacher.
    Feel free to get on you soapbox at anytime, because I agree with you 100%. xx

  3. Thanks Jo it's good to let off steam sometimes .....yes what about us ???...teachers have rights too !!!There was a school this week where the teachers went on stike because of bad behaviour (Not the teachers' bad behaviour !! )Yes I went to school in the sixties and wouldn't dream of speaking to any adult in a disrespectful way or I'd get what for !!...have a lovely sunny weekend we are on our hols now going to stay in our little caravan in Wales..I'll be posting on my blog when we get back no doubt ..xx


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