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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Hotel boats and blossom.

Hi Friends. The chilly, dull and then wet morning, did change to a warmer dry afternoon. Keith went down the town to buy a new axe, so I stayed onboard the boat to tidy up, I also put a new zip in my waistcoat, having done all my little jobs it was time to get the trolley and boxes out ready for my Tesco food delivery. Now because he sometimes comes early, I set off around the basin in plenty of time, stopping to sit and admire the view. Whilst I sat and contemplated, I could not help but notice Hotel boat Takara (CLICK). The name did not ring any bells, so I thought it must be a new hotel boat. The boat looks lovely in fresh colours, which are different to any other hotel boat out there. 3.30pm and my Tesco delivery arrived, as I was putting my groceries into the boxes on my trolley, a gentleman came struggling up the footpath laden down with shopping bags. He expressed a real interest in my Tesco delivery, and explained that he was off of the hotel boat. Dean and Chris who run Takara have changed the name and colour scheme and that is why I did not recognise the boat. She used to be called Wood Owl and we had seen here lots of times on the Trent and Mersey.I explained to Dean how to go about getting a Tesco delivery, so they are now going to give it a go. It would make their lives so much easier if they could get their shopping delivered. For any hotel boat food delivery is a godsend, because they get through a lot of food. I am sure we will see them again on our travels and hope that their season is a good one. For anyone reading this who does not know about hotel boats, they are fantastic, if you want the canal experience without the work. The choice is yours as to whether you help out with locks etc. You may choose to just sit back and be looked after. For many this is a great way to enjoy the waterway's. There are plenty of hotel boats out there, some of which I have listed below. Takara. (CLICK) Snipe and Taurus (CLICK) Duke and Duchess (CLICK) Willow (CLICK) Tragara (CLICK) Oak and Ash (CLICK) The Cherry Blossom is out and it is truly stunning. The trees seem to be full of flowers making them look wonderful. Spring has well and truly sprung and for some flowers it seems to have bought them out early. Along the towpath there are already Bluebells out in flower, which is early I am told. Today has been pretty darn good. The Lasagna is cooking in the oven. Marmite is snoozing on my footstool and Paddy is in his bed, so all is well with our world today. I wonder what tomorrow will bring??? Chat soon xx.

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