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Monday, 4 April 2011

Foxton Locks Museum.

Hi Friends.

It is another blustery morning, April is looking like a windy old month so far, I hope this is not going to continue, because our boat hates the wind when she is empty.

After a lovely weekend catching up with friends, Monday morning was set to be just another ordinary Monday, until we found out that there was the unveiling of a plaque on the Foxton Locks Museum. The British Transport Trust Plaque (CLICK) was to be unveiled at 11am by local dignitaries. Before we were to go to the unveiling, I stepped off of the boat to top up the water tank, but the hosepipe was about twenty foot to short, so I called for Keith to give me a hand to move the boat backwards. Boat moved and hosepipe turned on, I stood and waited for the tank to gurgle that it was alsmost full. Yep our tank gurgles when it is almost full, which is great because it means we do not waste water. Once the tank was full and the hosepipe was stowed away, we got our coats on and headed out of the boat to the Museum, but not before we moved the boat forward again off of the waterpoint. We do not want anyone complaining we are moored in the wrong place, this would not do at all.

We walked up the flight to the museum, where people were beginning to gather. At 11am on the dot everyone poured out of the Museum and stood and listened to British Waterways head of heritage gace a speech before the Vice Lord-Lieutenant Mr Richard Everard OBE DL (CLICK) actually unveiled the Red wheel plaque after a short speech. There were also people from British Waterway's and the Mayor and Mayoress. Sadly the sun did not put in an appearance, so people were a tad chilly. Children from the local school also came along to show their support for the event. Maybe they will be the boaters of the future.

After the unveiling, we made our way back to the boat and prepared to set off for Bridge 14, Market Harborough. With the wind blowing it was a bumpy trip, so much so for some strange the Water Filter jumped off of the worktop and smashed on the floor of the boat, which ment there was water everywhere, because it was full. As I opened the door to the cabin, I was met by water everywhere and Marmite meowing, now I am not pointing any finger at anyone, but my suspicion is that Marmite some how knocked the Water Filter off of the unit. So I now have to fork out for a new Water Filter. Paddy was in his bed all quiet, not wanting to be blamed for anything. I mopped up the flood and then made us some lunch.

So here we are until at least tomorrow afternoon as we have things to do. The internet signal is dreadful and I know the TV signal will not be much better. I have had to reconnect Twelve time just to post this, so I am now going to go before it dies on me again.

Chat soon xx


  1. Hi Jo,
    Read you are heading for Llangollen. If you stop at Barbridge give us a shout, Its only 10 minutes from Chester, we could pop along, say hello and buy you both a drink to introduce ourselves.

  2. Hi Steve.

    I will certainly keep you posted on here as to when we will be coming your way. We hope to go to Ellesmere Port as well, so that maybe as close for you.


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