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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Damp Wednesday.

Hi Folks.

A chilly, dull start to Wednesday, things could only improve. I had a somewhat restless night and woke up aching all over. Having got up my joints woke up and thankfully I stopped aching. I think old age is creeping up on me ha ha ha !!!. Well I am crawling slowly to 50 with my 49th birthday coming up very soon arghhhhhhhh. I honestly believe age is all in the mind, I still feel as if I am in my Twenties, but someone needs to tell my body that.
Paddy got his walk along the towpath, which was very uneventful. When we got back to the boat, Keith had laid up breakfast and made me a cup of tea, so that was a good start. I put a load of washing on whilst the generator was on and kept my fingers crossed that the machine behaved itself, which thankfully it did. Yesterday whilst visiting Viv, she had prepared a Lasagna for their dinner and it made me want to make one, so I have made on for tonight’s dinner, which we will have with some Salad and Garlic Bread.

The weather did improve unfortunately because it began to rain. I had hung the washing in the hold and Keith had gone off to get rid of rubbish and empty both our toilet cassettes, on his return the rain came. It was not a lot, but enough to make it look very miserable outside. There was nothing for it but to do some baking, so I made some Lemon Drizzle Muffins. I do love the smell of home baking and hope that anyone passing the boat would be made hungry by the smell coming from the oven. The smell was to get even yummier when I put some bacon on for bacon sandwiches which we enjoyed for lunch.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could have a smell button on here?
Mind you that would probably make you feel even hungrier.

I was listening to the local radio station Hfm and on the news they talked about a Billboard poster on the side of a funeral palour. An advertising company had plastered a poster for the Channel 5 series "The Walking Dead" on the side of the funeral palour building in Consett, County Durham. Now I know it is no laughing matter, but I did see the funny side and it bought to mind Kenny Everett catch phrase "It's all done in the best possible taste". I can of course see that it would be very upsetting to some and was pleased to see that the company were quick to remove it. (CLICK).

What has tickled your funny bone, even though it is a little close to the bone????

Lunch over and I am now waiting for my Tesco food delivery to arrive, then I will have a full fridge, freezer and cupboard. I have planned it this way because we are leaving the Leicester Line on Saturday morning to head for pastures new for a few weeks. Then we have to come back to black the hull of the boat before heading off once again. So exciting times ahead.

Chat soon xx

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