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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter.

Hi Friends.

I know it is a little late in the day but HAPPY EASTER. I hope you did not indulge to much with the Easter eggs. I can say with all honesty we did not have an Easter egg between us, so no Easter eggs passed my lips. But I hope you enjoyed your day, whatever you did.

We set up shop again on a cooler morning. The day began very slowly indeed, infact there was more excitement watching the boats queued up for the locks than there was waiting for people to browse our wares. The lockies actually locked up and down 40 boats today, which is pretty darn good. We did very little trade today, so it was very quiet. But hey ho, you always have good days and bad days. Keith and I spent quite a lot of time chatting to the public and to other boaters queued at the locks. I got on with the job of knitting some dish cloths as my stock is getting a little low.During the afternoon, Steve and Heather winded their boat and moored up on the towpath, it was lovely to see them again and their two boys William and Joshua who have grown such a lot since the last time I saw them. A welcome visitor was Dave from the Narrowboat Trust Boats (CLICK). He was visiting the locks with his friend, who had not seen them for some 30 years. With them they bought their instruments and having been down the flight to the Bridge 61 pub, they came back to Hadar and played a tune for the passing visitors. It was lovely to see Dave again, and hopefully we may see him again through the Summer. The afternoon wore on and I gave up with the Poetry book signing, because no one was biting. I also got extremely annoyed when a dog owner allowed their dog to pee up the side of our stock box. Infact dog owners were on my hit list today, because there are signs up on all the dog bins and yet people still allow their dogs to run wild. A group of people were coming a long the towpath with three dogs running off the the lead on what was a crowded towpath, so I asked them to put their dogs on leads, as it was what was called for and not only that the lock keeper would shout at them if they did not put them on leads. The older woman of the group huffed at me as she walked past, so I just ignored her as they she and the group went on towards the lock. I was later to learn from the cafe owner that the boxer dog was let off the lead at the top of the flight, but the lockie was quick to shout at the woman to put it back on the lead.

What is it with people, why do they not read notices????

Are people blind???

Or can they not read?

It is like on the boat where we arrange the china, I have a notice which asks that if you wish to view an item you ask for assistance, because all breakages must be paid for. Despite this sign, people still insist on picking up the china and totally ignore the notice. I would not dream of ignoring a notice if it was in front of my face. Maybe I am nit picking. I need a chill pill ;0).

4pm came and I decided that it was time to pack away the stall for the day, and infact for the rest of the weekend, because tomorrow we are having a day off. I am going to sit and enjoy the weather and wander around the locks to see what others are doing.

What did you do today???

Chat soon xx.


  1. Happy Easter ..we had a lovely walk today along Solent Water ...watched Queen Victoria (the cruise ship that is )leaving Southampton docks..and had a picnic ....but it was marred by a load of teenagers who were drinking and threw their cans (three big boxes of cans that is ) all over the grass then later just left the rubbish there ....that really gets my goat so I had to step in and ask if they were going to clear it up ...of course they said no and after a bit of a heated exchange I said ...you know what I will clear it up ...so me Jim and Ruby cleared it all up .....some youngsters !!! Jim thought it may have got out of hand but I had to say something .....so I agree about notices ...they are there for a reason and that's that !! ...anyway have a nice peaceful day tomorrow .....I used to knit dishcloths at school do you drop every other stitch when you get to the end and then cast off so the stitches unravel ?....xx

  2. Hi Lorna.
    It sounds like you had a nice day down along Solent Water until the teen agers turned up. I used to live at Fawley when I was a child and know the New Forest pretty well. I love it down there, mind you I bet it has changed a fair bit since I was there last.

    I know it sounds like we are grumpy women (Notice I did not say Old). But it all comes down to respect for others doesn't it?
    Now If I had cheeked my elders like they did with you, I would have got a slap from my father. I know of course not all kids are the same and that it just looks like they are but really, were these kids bought up or dragged up.
    As for my dishcloths, yes I drop every other stitch to cast off, and yep if it is not tied off and stitched properly it could unravel, but not had that problem so far.
    Have a lovely Monday xx.


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