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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Swallow's, Housemartin's and more paintwork.

Hi Friends. I hope your Saturday has been a good one? Yesterday, I was so busy all day I did not have the time to post (My excuse). Yesterday more painting was done and I made a start on the back cabin, by varnishing the wall behind the stove, so the plates could go back up. Keith and I spent the evening re-arranging the ribbon and lace plates. I took the lace down washed and bleached it and hung it in the engine room to dry. By the time we finished it was getting dust and time to pack up for the day. This morning, and the sun was out again, so I was up early to get another early start on jobs to be done. The back cabin stove got painted black for the Summer and I polished the Copper Kettle now that it is not in use. It is lovely to have the back cabin all ship shape and bristol fashion for the Summer. I still have some lace to put up, but that can wait till another day. With the brass polished and the plates in place, the cabin is looking really nice although I say it myself.The back cabin step got a rub down, I then smoothered it with Teak Oil and left it to soak in. After 15 minutes I then wiped off the excess oil. I usually try to do this twice a year, so that it is protected from whatever we throw at it. With the sun out I thought I would rub down the cratch board and give it a couple of coats of Dark Blue. This will protect it against the weather for another year. At some point we will need to take it off completely and rub it down properly. Keith completed the water cans by finishing the sign writing, I then did a 2nd coat of Blue on the bucket. It is all looking very splendid. All the hard work has been worth it this past few days. Now we have completed one side of the boat, we have the other side to do now when we get a chance. The one thing about owning a boat is there is always something that has to be attended to. If you can do most of the work yourself, it does keep costs down. I am by no means a professional painter, but I do my best. A blind man would be pleased to see it. I am happy to turn my hand to anything. We have had another very busy and happy day and to finish it off we have seen the first Swallow's and Housemartin's, so Summer is on its ways. I am still amazed that these little birds fly back to Britain from wintering in Africa. As soon as I saw the first Swallow I felt like a little friend had returned. Time to now go and think of something for dinner tonight. I hope you have had a wonderful Saturday. Tomorrow we will tackle more boat jobs. Chat soon xx.


  1. your back cabin is glorious ....and that copper kettle is gleaming ...loving the ribbon plates ....it's all so cosy .....xx

  2. Good morning Lorna.
    Thank you for your kind comments. I do love to spruce the back cabin up for the Summer, because if we go to rallies the public like to be nosey. I am always very proud of the cabin when it is on display. xx


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