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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Birthday serenade.

Hi Friends.

Need I actually say anything about the weather, it is really glorious out and that suits me fine on my birthday. I feel very proud to share my birthday with her majesty the Queen, who is celebrating her 85th birthday, so congratulations to her.
I have been having a wonderful day so far. Keith and I do not bother with presents and cards, as we just do not have the room for them, but we will be going out for a meal tonight, which is how we always choose to celebrate our birthdays.
The morning began in the usual way of breakfast, dog walking and a cuppa. I then made the most of being on the electric, by getting out the hoover and going through the boat. Because Paddy is moulting his hair gathers in balls and rolls down the boat like tumbleweed. It was nice to hoover up the dust hair and coal soot from the fires.
No sooner that was done our washing machine arrived back at the boat from being repaired.
Our bank balance is lighter by £210 arghhhhhh, but it had to be repaired, he bought the offending drum to show us what had happened. The spider which is the three pronged bar had corroded and actually split in three places. He did not know why this had happened or what caused it, but did say that we should be very sparing with detergents, which I am anyway. We use Ecover and cannot see that this would have caused the problem, but who knows. Still money handed over, we lifted the washing machine back into the hold and we will put it back into the galley tomorrow probably.

I have been overwhelmed by people wishing me happy birthday on my Facebook page and from the people around me. But to top it all David off of NB First Fruits played Happy Birthday to me on his organ, which was so sweet. He did this whilst we wrestled the washing machine back on to the boat. I feel so loved.
With all our jobs done, we moved our boat out of the basin and on to the towpath, where we will be staying till the morning. I then nipped off down the town with my back pack to get some bits from Tesco, just to stock the fridge up on salad things, as it is expected to stay hot for the next few days.
I am now going to take it easy until we go out later this evening. So may I wish you a wonderful day and I will probably post again tomorrow.

Chat soon xx

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  1. Hi Jo

    What a fabulous day to have a birthday. Enjoy your meal tonight. Hope to see you soon again.



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