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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Water Filters and Roses.

Hi Friends.

Yesterday I told you the saga of the water filter which jumped off of the worktop all on its own. This is the old one, which as you can see has a crack down it, so no use to man nor beast, it will be heading for a bin so sooner we are near one.

This morning Keith needed to go back to the dentist to have his crown fitted, so I headed into town to do some fruit and veg shopping, and whilst I was about that, I went into Wilkinson's and found a new Water Filter for £6, which will do just fine. I looked at the Brita filters but they are way to expensive and now have different filters to the universal ones. So cheap and cheerful will do just fine for our boat.
On Tuesday's, Friday's and Saturday's the Market Harborough Indoor Market is open for general stall's, Sunday's it is open for antique's and collectables. I wanted to go and see what was on offer so before looking at the meat counter for Sausages, I headed for the material stall and low and behold I found something which really brightened my day.I am so chuffed that after 4 year's I have finally found some Red Rose material to make my Summer back cabin curtains out of. I was so pleased with my find and so was therefore happy to pay £6 a metre. After my purchase Keith headed off to the dentist and I continued on my hunt for bargains. Next port of call was our favourite clothes stall, where we buy all our work clothes for a fraction of the price of larger stores. I bought four work shirts for £18, so if they get ruined, which they will when we are doing the coal run, I am not going to cry to much. Outside of the market there is usually a fruit and veg stall, where you pay £1 for a bowl of fruit or veg, so I bought my supplies from him as his stuff looked so fresh. I then made my way to my usual veggie shop to pick up some flat Mushrooms for tomorrow's breakfast, it was then time to hike up the hill and back to the boat with my rucksack laden down with goodies. I put everything away and then set about lighting the back cabin stove. Not long after lighting the stove Keith was back with his new Gold crown and an order not to eat anything to hard for a few hours, so it looks like it will be soup for lunch today. And on that note I am off to look for a tin of soup.

Chat soon xx.

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