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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Packaging and Food delivery.

Hi Friends.

Before I get into today's event's, I want to rant about packaging. Keith bless him bought me a cordless mouse as my mouse was dying a slow death. He ordered it online to pick up in store. Having paid for the mouse we collected it from collection point A and at that point I should have checked it and taken it out of the packing, because if I had I would have given them all the packing shown below.

I see no reason for so much packing, to me it is a sin that the companies use so much paper and cardboard. Not only that, why do they always make these things so difficult to get into?Inside the box there was a booklet which instruction of the 113 pages only 13 pages actually applied to me, because the rest were in foreign languages, what a total waste of money and paper. In the box they also supplied a how to use in pictures which covered 1 piece of paper, surely that was all that was needed. Some poor tree got cut down to supply a booklet which was quite honestly no use to man nor beast. Ok rant over.

Let's get on with today's post, after a chilly, windy start to the day, the sun is now out and it looks like the wind has dropped. It is supposed to be the hottest day of the year so far according to the weather people. We are now moored at Black Horse Bridge awaiting our Tesco Delivery. Keith is convinced that these strong winds will be with us until we fill the hold with coal, as Hadar's bow is high out of the water and is now vulnerable to cross wind, so look forward to along period of windy weather if Keith is correct.

Before mooring at Black Horse Bridge, we had to take Hadar through the swing bridges at Foxton, wind her in the pool below the locks and then come back through the swing bridges, so I have done my exercise bit for the day as far as I am concerned. Once we have taken on our food delivery we will move off, because we are opposite the house where the dogs bark continually and drive me completely nuts. Not only that I want a nice place to get on with more painting and hopefully I will make my new curtains for the back cabin.

Chat soon xx

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