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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Washing and Goodbye's.

Hi Friends.

A sunny start to Saturday soon turned into showers, but not before we had planned to do some paintwork. Before all of that though, I took Paddy for his morning walk, he was not so keen to go this morning because his feet were sore :0(. Why you ask? Well Keith took him across his favourite field at Foxton. Paddy sped off down the field in search of the rabbits, but in doing so he ploughed through nettles which at this time of the year have a really strong sting, so Pad's paws got stung. When Keith came back to the boat, the poor boy was was led on the towpath licking his paws. Going back a couple of hours before the paw problem, friends Gill and Don on NB Idunno had moored up behind us and invited us in for a cuppa. Now as all boaters know once you sit down for a cuppa and a chat with friends, the time seems to fly by and for us a couple of hours had passed by, which meant Paddy was late with his walk and it was a little late to be cooking dinner. (My excuse and I am sticking to it). Keith suggested we should eat either at Bridge 61 or Foxton Locks Inn, we choose the Foxton Locks Inn where we had a lovely main meal and a pudding. Keith and I usually try and eat out a couple of times a month, it is our treat as we do not drink a lot, smoke or gamble, and you have to have some perks in life. I expect the next time we will eat out will be on my birthday. Having enjoyed out yummy meal, we walked back to the boat and settled in for the evening. This morning started out promising with the sun out, so we thought we may get some painting done until I checked out the sky after Paddy's walk to discover dark cliuds looming in the distance. In vain I hoped that they would blow over or divert to another part of the country, but that did not happen and soon the heavens opened. Before the rain came I did manage to clean the back cabin chimney, and relight the fire. I began Spring cleaning the back cabin a couple of weeks ago, when I washed the crocheted blankets and cushion covers, this morning I decided I could no longer look at the back cabin curtains, so took them down and allowed to soak for a while. Oh my god the curtains were filthy, all the dust from the stove had caused the curtains to be full of the stuff, so the water was black. Having soaked for half an hour, I then washed them in my machine and they are now hanging in the back cabin to dry. The lace is not very white, but at least they are clean. I want to make a new Summer set of curtains, but cannot find the right material. For some strange reason, no one in this country seems to make Cream Cotton material with Red Roses on it, so I am still searching for what I want. I have the lace ready to sew on and as it was expensive I am not prepared to sew it on just any material.Jobs all done, it was time to say cheerio to Gill and Don, who were off on their Summer travels having been moored at Market Harborough for the Winter. Whilst Keith painted another coat of paint on his water can I walked up the flight to help Gill work the locks. Today was another Volunteer training day, so we had very little work to do on the way up.Almost at half way point and Gill suggested we had an Ice Cream when we got to the top. Now I am never one to refuse an Ice Cream, so when we did the final gate, Gill and Don very kindly bought me a Mint Choc Ice Cream which was extremely scrummy.Gill and Don have the most adorable dog called 'Biscuit' she is a Cocker-Doodle. Everytime she see's me she goes completely daft. She really is the most delightful dog. Ice Cream's eaten it was time to say cheerio again and to let them go on their way. It is hoped that we may see them again on the Llangollen, because we are also heading that way later on. If we do not see them throughout the Summer we will see them in November back in Market Harborough.

Lunch time now and it is also time for the Saturday afternoon films on Channel 5. The wind is blowing a hooley and we were almost clobbered by another boat battling against the wind. It could be a bumpetty, bump day. Hopefully later on friends will be arriving on their boat Forever Young. So will post about that maybe tomorrow.

Chat soon xx

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