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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Crick to Norton Junction.

Hi Friends.

Another day, another new place to be, but today was special because we were going to be heading past the winding hole where we have winded all winter, so for us pastures new for 2011. It makes no difference that we have to come back for blacking, it was just nice to know today we were escaping for a few days.
Our first port of call was the sanitary station, after a later than normal start, and who should be moored opposite but Chas and Ann on NB Moore2Life. it has been ages since we have seen them both. We managed to grab a quick word as the water tank filled with water and we got rid of rubbish and emptied the loo. Both Chas and Ann are in fine form, which is always wonderful to hear.
Moore2Life is looking splendid with the roof repainted. It looks very nice.
We waved goodbye to Ann and sped on our way into Crick tunnel, where we were behind Rob on NB Novea Vitea. We met a couple of boats coming towards us, and on the first of them a gentleman was shouting something at Keith, but we could not hear a word he was saying. It may have had something to do with the fact that another boat entered the tunnel. I adore tunnels and how they are constructed. Crick tunnel is a very wet tunnel and our boat always comes out looking washed.
I just had to take this photo of a boat we passed on the way to the Watford Locks. How many fenders do you actually need on any boat. This was a Sea Otter, but not even they need this much overkill. If they leave those fenders down going in and out of locks, I dread to think how much their fender bill is every year.
Having arrived at the top of Watford locks, we were 4th in the queue to go down, which was not a problem as we were in no real hurry. We took the opportunity to chat to the lockies on duty today and the other boaters waiting to go down the flight. The Lock Keepers hut was all decked out in bunting for the royal wedding, it looked really lovely and nice to see someone taking the trouble. As the boats in front of us moved forward, I untied Hadar and pulled her forward as Keith was nattering to the volunteer lockie. Keith's back is much better, and I want to keep it that way.
After an hours wait we were finally in the top lock, heading down the flight behind Rob on NB Novea Vitae, who is heading for the Ashby Canal. I locked him through the first two locks and then the volunteer lockie took over. Having left the bottom lock on the Watford Flight it was 12.15pm and my stomach was on the rumble. We decided that we would stop at Norton Junction for the day, just as we passed a garden mooring, this little guy made me smile.

We arrived at Norton Junction at 12.55pm, moored up and I then made us some salad wraps for lunch. The plan to go on to Napton Junction, has been put on hold until tomorrow morning, when we will set off at 6am. I love early starts, as it is the best time of the day and no one else is moving.

Chat soon xx

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