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Monday, 18 April 2011

Washing Machine and Painting.

Hi Friends.

I am not going to start with the weather, because there is no change (oops sorry I mention the word weather). Instead I am going to begin with our washing machine which as you now know is poorly, it was was collected this morning by a very nice man from Appliance Corner (CLICK). Whilst we waited for the man with a van, Geraldine and Michael on NB The Cheese Boat came past us, heading for the basin so once the man with a van came and went we walked down to see if Geraldine and Michael were in, sadly they had gone off shopping. We did however go and see if there was any mail for us and had a natter to everyone at the hire company. With the washing machine gone for at least a few days, we decided to head out into the countryside to await its repair. Having moored up at Gallows Hill, we had some lunch before I changed into my painting clothes and got down to rubbing down the blue paint work ready for its new colour, Keith and I managed to get a first coat of the new blue on the starboard cabinside, which is the last bit that needs painting. Well when I say last, not quite, the cants need painting, but we can't do them until we go into dry dock and have to take the rear fenders off.

With the first coat on the starboard side, and apart from a further 2 coats to go on, and the cants, Hadar is now looking like she should do, and we are so glad we decided to change the blue.

Just before we started to paint we received a phone call about our washing machine, they had found the spider (whatever that is) was corroded and needed replacing. One has been ordered and we await the phone call to say it has been delivered and fitted. The bill for its repair is not going to be cheap.

Having painted the cabin side, there was much discussion about the cants. We have decided not to wait for dry docking to paint the cants, if the weather is fine tomorrow we will start on them and just paint around the fender chains for now.

As we were drawing to a close with the painting Geraldine and Michael on NB The Cheese Boat came past heading for Blisworth. We had a quick chat before they headed off into the distance. We will see them next in October, when we go to the Village At War Weekend at Stoke Bruerne (CLICK).

With the painting done and dusted, it was time to erect the ariel to see if we had a decent signal for tonight's TV. Low and behold we have digital and Film4 so I am now a very happy girl. Dinner this evening is going to be Fish Fingers, Mash Potatoes and Peas, so nothing special. As we are staying put for a couple of days, I hope to get a few jobs done, so keep your fingers crossed for good weather.

Chat soon xx.

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