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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Fat bottom girls.

Hi Friends.

What a fantastic day I have had. Not only has the weather been amazing. I have done allo sorts of things today.

Having done the usual morning tasks, Keith and I got stuck into the painting early. Keith tackled the inside of the engine room doors, whilst I rubbed down the cant ready for some new paint.
Having rubbed it down and undercoated some areas which needed touching up, I put the first coat of Blue on and very nice it looks too. This was the last patch of old paintwork to get my brushes attention. The portside cabin side was still a little soft, so we decided not to put a second coat on today.

I got a text message from Jo at the hire boat company saying there was a parcel for us. I text her back and said we would collect it in a couple of days, but then I had a brain wave (I do not get many). I could get my bike out of the hold, where it has been hiding for over a year and ride to the office to collect the parcel. Keith helped me get my bike out and he then put the front wheel on and pumped up the tyres which were flat as it had no use. In fact the last time I used my bike was when Keith was in hospital and I used it to get to the train station. This is part of the reason why we are getting rid of the bikes we just don’t use them enough to warrant keeping them. I left Keith at 11.15am and was at the office by 11.35am, having done two and half miles. The cycling bit was wonderful, but I so wish my saddle had extra, extra padding because it was not comfortable. I should say my saddle does have padding but obviously not enough after all this time. Having collected the parcel, I rode back to the boat, where Keith was soaking up the sunshine. With the paint drying nicely and the birds singing, Keith suggested I should have put the bird feeders up, which reminded me that I had left them at the Clarkes Bridge mooring, which we left some days ago. So yep for the second time in one day, I got on my bike and rode to Clarkes Bridge to see if my feeders were still there. On my way there and back I passed this field which had turn a golden yellow with Rapeseed (Brassica napus), there was also a pungent smell coming off of the field, it really did look splendid in the sunshine.

When I got to Clarkes bridge I found my peanut holder still hanging in the bushes but the seed feeder was no where to be seen. So I had to hunt inside the hedge and there it was. A gentleman was stood on the stern of his boat watching me. He must have thought I was a little odd to be delving in the bushes. I explained to him I had not lost my marbles, I had lost my bird feeder, which I had left behind. He laughed and wished me well. Because I was dressed in my painting jeans and shirt, looking like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards he probably thought I was an a down and out ;0). Feeders found, I was on my bike and heading back to the boat. I could hear lambs calling their mum's, and spotted this lamb with its mum hiding near the hedge. So cute. At Gallows Hill Bridge we have passed this sign a lot, but I have never had the chance to look at it properly. It is a mile post and it celebrated the National Cycle Network, which now has begun to tear up the towpaths. I know I was contributing to it today. It is a shame that Gallows Bridge is still blighted by graffiti. It would be nice if the council would come and clean it off as it spoils the bridge and the view for boaters. Back at the boat, I refilled the bird feeder and hung them in a tree, it was then time for lunch and a sit down. Whilst I enjoyed my cycling, I will not be sad to see the bikes got, I realise now I do not have a bottom for cycling. It bought to mind "Fat bottom girls" by Queen. Not that I have a fat bottom or "I want to ride my bicycle", Not that I am gonna ride naked. I am not that sort of woman ha ha ha ha ha ;0).

It is now almost 2.30pm and I need to decide what to do next. All the paintwork is drying nicely, so hopefully we will get another coat on tomorrow. Marmite is on her lead going in and out of the galley window. Paddy is zonked in his bed. I am now going to look at what else I can do today.

Chat soon xx.


  1. Sounds like you have done enough for one day and deserve a rest .....had a great week in Wales some pics on my blog if you'd like a visit after your busy day...xx

  2. Hi Jo, I thought you might like this link with your interest in bird life, its one of the best live, 24/7, inside a nest box web cams ive found. It wont be too long until those 8 eggs hatch.


    My heart is still set on canal life, and the logistics of it all are slowly being worked out.




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