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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Nesting and blossom

Hi Friends.

It has been a beautiful sunny day with the temperature up to 19C. I have not donned my shorts yet, but many people walking past the boat are in shorts and t-shirts, it is a little early for me to be showing my legs ;0).
This morning we started the day with a cooked breakfast, I got to cook it for a change, we then set about moving the washing machine out of the galley, so that it can be picked up tomorrow for repair. Keith managed to pull the machine out and with my help we lifted it into the empty hold. Whilst the machine is out of action, Keith has put in two new sockets for the tumble drier and washing machine, so it is easier to unplug them when we need to remove them from their housings. With the washing machine ready for collection tomorrow, I then took down the galley blinds and nets and gave them a wash. They were extremely grubby, due to the dust from the fire all winter.
Sunday should of course be a day of rest, but there is always something to do on a boat as anyone living on one knows. Before long it was lunchtime and the towpath traffic was building, cyclists, walkers, boys fishing and dogs all parading past the boat. The outside of the boat is covered in a film of dust, but there is no point washing it off until we move to somewhere where there is no dust or traffic.
Today was the London Marathon and the F1 Chinese Grand Prix, both which were exciting as always. I am no runner or jogger, so if I was to do the marathon, I would be walking round. I am total admiration for anyone who does the marathon, so congratulations to them all for taking part to raise money for their chosen charities.
At Market Harborough, they have a couple of elderly Swans, I have called them Morris and Martha. Apparently they have been here many years. Two years ago they did not nest because they were both poorly and people feared they would not survive. Last year they shocked everyone and had Nine cygnets. This year once again people were wondering if they would nest because they had not gone to their usual place. A few days ago we spotted them from the galley window building the beginning's of a nest at the bottom of a garden. Today I walked up to see how things were progressing and the nest is growing nicely, so it looks like they may have young again this year all being well.
With Spring comes the Apple Blossom and the Apple tree's are full of pretty white flower's. It looks like another good year for Apple's.
The Dandilion's are looking extremely vibrant at the moment.
Now I am not a fan of the colour Pink but when it comes to Cherry Blossom it is the best.

Well another weekend is almost over and we look forward to the coming week. I hope that what ever your doing next week it brings you happiness.

Chat soon xx

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