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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Grass cuttings and wet paint.

Hi Friends.

I had the weirdess thing happen in the early hours of this morning. I was sleeping like a baby when for some odd reason I woke up with a start, as I lay awake I was sure I could not hear Keith breathing (maybe this was why I woke up). I lay there wondering whether to wake him up, but thankfully he turned over in his sleep and all was well. I have never had anything like that before and hope I never do again.

Another beautiful start to the day, so we got on with adding a second coat of blue to the portside of the boat and to the cant. We have now covered all of the old blue completely and the boat is looking fantastic.

We had done all the painting, I was in the galley making a coffee, when I heard what sounded like a mower, I immediately looked out of the engine room door and saw a man and his mower coming towards us arghhhhh, cut grass and wet paint really do not mix. Keith walked down the towpath to meet the gentleman and asked him if he would mind going around us as we had just painted the boat. he was very accommodating and agreed to give us a wide birth phew.

Keith rang the washing machine repair company to find out if there was any news on our machine, he was told it would probably be next week before it would be done, as they were waiting for the part. So we sat back and enjoyed the sunshine, whilst I contempated my next job, which turned out to be painting one of the walls in the engine room. Keith's phone then rang and it was the man from Appliance Corner telling Keith that the machine part had arrived and our machine would be ready for delivery tomorrow (Deep Joy).

With the portside paintwork dry, I suggested to Keith that we should wind the boat and go back to Market Harborough ready for the washing machine delivery, so we packed everything away and headed off in the sunshine. When we arrived at the basin, we winded and moored on the Sanitary station mooring, Jo from the hore company was waiting for the dayboat to come back, so we asked if we could moor in the basin for the night. Having looked at who was due back, she said we could moor up and hook up to the electric, so we reversed Hadar into our favourite mooring in the basin, hooked her up and began putting things on charge. I went to chat to Viv and David on NB First Fruits, who then offered Keith and I a drink, which we really enjoyed whilst we had a lovely chat.

We have just had dinner and are relaxing. The Waterfront is very busy with customers, so it maybe a noisy evening, because they are all sat outside enjoying the evening sunshine.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to getting our machine back, we can then go off for a few weeks yippee. I am champing at the bit to get going. But before that tomorrow is my birthday, so Keith is going to treat me to a meal out, now all's I have to do is decide where to eat.

Chat soon xx


  1. Hi Jo,
    Happy Birthday to you. Chris and I both hope you have a lovely day.

  2. many thanks Steve and Chris. I am taking it easy today, just a little light hoovering whilst we are on the electric... x


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