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Friday, 15 April 2011

Hair cut and polishing.

Hi Friends. Well let's begin today’s post with how are you? I do appreciate the fact that you take the time to come in and read my ramblings and I trust that they do not bore you too much? With the weather on the up, people are shedding their winter woollies and the shorts are coming out, which means white legs, white socks and sandals, the only things missing are the knotted hanky on the head and the deck chair. I have refrained from wearing my shorts yet, but they are in the cupboard ready and waiting. This morning began a little on the chilly side and it could be felt in the back cabin as I snuggled beneath the duvet. Keith got up so I put the kettle on for cuppa. Of course we sat in bed drinking our tea and we discussed what plans we had for the day. Keith’s plans numbered none. Mine however were to get my hair trimmed ready for summer cruising, I also has to shop for some fruit, veg and raffle prizes, obviously not all in the same shop ;0). I found myself trawling around the charity shops looking for interesting things, but these days the charity shops have become so expensive. I went to my favourite fruit and veg shop Frutas and got some of their very juicy oranges, the ones I bought from the market stall last week turned out to be very dry and not very nice. I had a wander around shops I do not normally go into before heading to the hairdressers for my appointment. Charlotte my hairdresser will not be there when I return in October as she is having her first baby in August (I know your going awwwwwwww). She already knows the sex so is buying up Mothercare to make sure her baby has some lovely things. I explained to her not to buy to many small size, because babies grow so fast, let family and friends buy the early sizes as a treat. She did a lovely dry trim on my hair, I paid the bill, wished her luck and went on my way. By the time I left the hairdressers the sun was out and it was much warmer. I was beginning to wish I had left my waistcoat on the boat. The town was packed with cars, so was not sure if there was a hold up somewhere, but there were cars everywhere. I was glad to be on foot and not driving. I walked back up the hill to the basin and our boat. Coffee was my first port of call. Next job on the list was to wash, t-cut and polish the red panels on starboard side of the boat. I do not like to use t-cut too much, because it does take off the paint over time, but the red was so dirty. I managed to work up a sweat with the polishing, but it was very rewarding because it looks smart now. Before I knew it lunchtime was calling and so was my stomach. Cheese and Pickled Onion rolls for lunch and of course another coffee. I am now debating what to do next as it is lovely outside. Keith noticed this morning that the pair of Swans who are at the basin every year have begun nesting opposite us, but whether it will be their final nesting place we will see, because they are nesting in a garden where the owner has a dog. Chat soon xx

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  1. I noticed the charity shops getting very expensive. I sometimes look at the books in there but was shocked to see the prices of them!


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