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Friday, 22 April 2011

Time to say goodbye.

Hi Friends.

Thank you all for your birthday messages, I had the most wonderful day, which ended in a fantastic meal at The Waterfront in Union Wharf Basin. Keith treated me to a lovely meal, which ended in Steff and Sandra who run The Waterfront, bringing me a piece of yummy chocolate cake with a lit candle in it. We washed down the lovely meal with a nice bottle of white wine. So a good time was had. Here's to my 50th next year, that should be a blast.

We finally broke free from the magnetic pull, that seems to try to keep us in Market Harborough, it was quite sad to say goodbye, but we will be back in October for the coal run. We cruised to Foxton what was to be a hot and sunny days trip. We have finally seen our first ducklings of the year. This Mallard did have two ducklings, but one went swim about when i took this photo. There was also another mum with ten babies as we went up the flight. Having arrived at the bottom of Foxton locks, it was clear that we would have to join a queue, because there were boats everywhere. We were infect 5th in the queue, awaiting for the boats coming down the hill. The only pace to moor was on the Foxton Locks pub moorings behind NB Will, who was waiting with everyone else. We could have actually had a meal and drank a couple of pints before we were summoned, as it took over an hour to clear the boats coming down the flight. With the wait over, we followed NB Iddons Way up the flight. Jezz was the lockie on duty so we enjoyed a natter as we climbed the hill, we also had lots of people taking photos of us and asking questions about the boat. I even had the help of some of the visiting children, who asked if they could help with the gates. It took us an hour to clear the locks, which normally takes as 45, so not too bad really. On reaching the top Jezz gave me a cuddle and wish me a good summer cruising and he would see us again in September. He is a lovely guy and a very good lockie.
We moored at the top of the locks where we will be for the long weekend, hopefully selling lots of stuff. We managed to sell one of our mountain bikes, which has been cluttering up the hold, I got £20 for my bike, which is better than nothing and a teenage girl is very happy with her new bike, although she cannot ride it for at least another six weeks because she had broken her arm.
It has been a fanatastic day, which ended with watching lots of boats arriving to go down the flight, which closed at 6 oclock, so there are eight boats queued already for the morning decent of the flight.
I hope that you enjoy your Easter.

Chat soon xx.


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