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Monday, 20 December 2010

Do you have it????

Hi friends around the world.

Ok come on, own up, who has it?
You know what I am speaking of, who has the White stuff????
It seems everywhere around us is getting lots of snow, but it seems to be missing us again WHY?
Maybe if I scream and rant it will come our way. I know your thinking, I am crazy wanting snow, but I am just a big kid when it comes to the White stuff. I love to go walking in the snow and if we were to get enough I may even build a snowman for the bow. All my friends on Facebook have snow falling as I type, so I am asking could you possibly blow some my way, so I do not feel left out.

Overnight the temperature dropped to at least -9c, so when I stepped off of the boat this morning we had a fantastic hoar frost again. I know many will be getting bored with my postings about how cold it is, sorry if I am boring you, but for us Brits this does not happen to often, so we like to make the most of it.

After doing all the usual morning jobs, Keith and I wrapped up against the cold and walked down into town. We had a few things we wanted to do. One of those things was to find some Chocolate tree decorations.

We love to hang them on the tree, then starting from Christmas Day, we take one each off of the tree and devour it. The odd thing is the packs contain 9 chocolate squares or circles wrapped in foil, why not I thought?

Then my braincells kicked in. The manufacturers know full well that if they only put 9 in a pack it means you have to buy to packs to get an even number. So yep we bought to packs for £3.98. It is actually a bit of a rip off, but it is our Christmas treat. We managed to find some in Sainsbury's £1.99 a pack or 3 packs for £5. No where else in town was selling them which is a little strange. You can get the chocolate money in bags but nothing else.

Who watched The Apprentice Final last night? (Click)

Congratulations to Stella English, for taking the top job last night. She was my favourite right from the first episode. I think Lord Sugar has got himself a treasure there. I also think Chris Bates will end up with a job with Lord Sugar. It was indicated by Lord Sugar last night, that the door was open for Chris if he should feel like walking through it. If I were Chris, I would run for the opening and grab a job with both hands.

Of course the news is full of the weather and the disruption it is causing. But as usual there are horror stories of people walking on icy ponds, lakes and canals and losing their lives (Click). I repeatedly tell people that even though the canal is frozen it is not safe to walk on. Not only are you putting your life at risk, you are putting the lives of those who have to come to rescue you at risk as well. If your dog goes out on to the ice, DO NOT go out to get it. Your dog will make it back on its own. Better still keep your dog on a lead, then it will not run on to the ice. Please do not leave loved ones sad this Christmas.

Other sad news today was the death of Brian Hanrahan (Click). Many will remember Brian Hanrahan for his coverage of the Falklands War. He has sadly passed away at the age of 61 after a short battle with Cancer. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

Congratulations goes to Matt Cardle, who has secured the Christmas No1 with his debut single, When We Collide (Click). I know there are many who were hoping that the X-Factor show would not get another No1, but when there is no one else bothering to try, I think good on them. We do not have Christmas songs like we did years ago. I wish Matt every success with his music career. Apparently he will have a book out soon as well. This will tell of his journey to the X-factor and beyond. I imagine that will sell well too.

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