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Friday 30 September 2011

Almost there.

Hi Folks.

To say it is sweltering is an understatement, it is boiling here at Stoke Bruerne and I imagine the water is evaporating out of the reservoirs as I type this arghhhhhh. Although there is no update on the water watch site so not sure if thats a good thing or not. Anyway before I go off on to one, I will change the subject to that been happening so far today.

Awake early, which was mostly bought about by Marmite who decided to sleep above my head all night, so every now and again I would hear a purring pussy cat awwww bless her. She then got up and used her litter tray, which almost stank us out of the boat. I reckon she wanted us both up and she knows that using her tray will pretty much achieve this because Marmite is a cat that has never learnt to cover up her doings, so I always have to do it with a spade. She can did a hole no problem, in fact at times we think she is digging for Australia, but she has never got the hang of covering up afterwards. So I got up to do the necessary and to make a cup of tea. It was then my mind began to think of the days jobs. With all the brass done yesterday, today was going to be a baking day.

After doing the usual morning stuff, I donned my apron and got stuck in to some cooking. With the weather already warming up for the day, I made us an Orange Jelly, which we will enjoy later, I then got on with melting some milk chocolate, to which I added rice crispies and raisins, this was then put into a shallow tin and allowed to cool in the fridge. Once cooled I cut it up into nice size portions, and put it back in the fridge to stop it melting.


With the oven turned on, I made a Lemon Drizzle Cake and a Scone Round, which did not take to long.


The Lemon Drizzle cake will be enjoyed over the weekend, by anyone who should call in to see us.


The Scone Round has already been cut into for lunch with some Cheese. On the subject of cheese, we bought three different cheese's from Geraldine and Michael on the Cheese Boat. I love their Welsh Cheese. I am quite sure we will be tucking into them over the weekend.

Boats are arriving for the weekend and being directed to their mooring positions by Graham on NB Joseph and by David who own Historic Working Boat Cyprus. So far Graham has only had one irate boater down on the long pound who was non to pleased to be told that the moorings were reserved and if he wanted to stay for the weekend, he only need to pay £5, to which the gentleman got on his high horse and declined the invitation. I feel one argument is one to many, because there are signs up saying reserved moorings for the Village at War weekend. Not only that Graham is only doing his job, and does not deserve the abuse. But some people think they can shout the odds even when they know they in the wrong. Whilst I prepared Keith and I a coffee, Nick off of Aldgate arrived, so I made him a cuppa and we caught up on all his news and told him some of ours. I do love this catching up lark. The last time we saw Nick was at the same event a year ago.

Keith and I have just enjoyed some Scone Round for lunch and a coffee. I am now contemplating what to do next, as it is to hot to do much outside.

Whilst I contemplate, I will say cheerio for now xx

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