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Wednesday 28 September 2011

Painting and photographs.

Hi Folks.

Phewwww what a warm day, this really does not help the reservoirs and I fear that unless we get some much needed rain soon canals will be closed. There has been no update since the 6th September on the Water Watch Diary, but that does not mean decisions are not being made behind the scenes. The other issue is if we have a dry Autumn and Winter, this will mean the canals will be in an even worse state, so I think we may need to prepare ourselves for no cruising next year.

Anyway on to today's exploits. Up early after an early cuppa, Paddy got his walk through the wood, he and Marmite then got fed and I enjoyed my breakfast. On my to do list for the day was to get some paintwork done, this included the starboard gunwale, and to touch up the paintwork on the gunwale, but before any work could take place I had to wipe the boat down, because we had a very heavy dew overnight. Boat wiped down, I waited for it to dry, then I rubbed down the paintwork, whilst I started undercoating the bow, Keith touched up some of the sign writing, which had been scratched by a branch we think. Bow done, it was time to paint the gunwale, all of this was done before 9.30am, giving the paint time to dry before the public started turning up to walk along the towpath.

With the brushes washed out, I made us both a coffee, I then went off with my camera to take a few more photographs. I walked up above the tunnel and followed a signed footpath, which lead me to a field, as I turned around to head back to the top of the tunnel a voice called out.

"Excuse Me"

I Replied "Hello".

I turned around and saw a gentleman in a buggy like landrover.

I said "Hello, can I help you".

He then said " Why are you walking here".

I told him "I am following the signed footpath".

He then said a couple of times "No your not".

I explained to him I had followed the path signs and was now going back. He was sure I was not, so he got out of his buggy landrover to have a look.

He then said "I am sorry, I did not realise the signs were there".

I said to him "It was fine, I always stick to the footpath signs".

I think he actually felt dreadful for quizzing me about where I was coming from and where I was going, because he then struck up a conversation about the local wildlife and where I can find certain birds. From what he was saying, he regularly gets people walking all over his farmland and they have no respect for his property or the wildlife. I reassured him that I am a huge wildlife lover and always try to do the right thing, which put his mind at rest. I left him walking back to his buggy landrover and said that it had been nice to meet him. I then carried on walking back to the tunnel, where I took yet more photos.

Back on the boat it was time for some lunch, which we enjoyed on the back deck whilst chatting to people as they walked past the boat commenting on how lovely our boat is. After lunch I put the first coat of Red gloss on the bow and whilst it dried I went off down to the nature reserve, the only photos I got was of a couple of Dragonflies, because it was very hot and dry there. When I got back to the boat, Keith had a can of beer in the fridge for me mmmmm that was much needed. Whilst I sat on the back counter enjoying my beer, I could hear a Bolinder engine coming through Blisworth Tunnel, it turned out to be Michael Pinnock Jr on Emu and young Daniel. Following was Hare steered by Michael Pinnock Snr and Maureen. They were on their way back to London having been to Birmingham for a festival. It was wonderful to see them all again.

Later in the afternoon Geraldine and Michael arrived on The Cheese Boat for the Village at War weekend, we will catch up with them tomorrow and hear all about their summer's ups and downs.

Our day drew to a close with Sweet and Sour Chicken for dinner. I now have my feet up and the TV on.

Chat soon xx

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