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Monday 26 September 2016

Almost there.

Hi Folks.

As I sit and type this post, the stove has been lit because it is chilly and damp out. The kettle is now humming and we are now snug for the evening.

I am now getting ready to head off into the wide blue yonder for a month. With going cruising comes the list of things to do before we head off. On my list this week has been getting the flu jab, this was done this morning for £8.95 at Mellors Chemist. We always pay to have the flu jab, because we like to be covered with Winter coming on. Since having the flu jab, I have not suffered with Bronchitis, which is a huge bonus. Flu jab done, it was back to the boat to cook a Chicken curry lunch with special rice. I can tell you now it was scrummy and all homemade. After lunch Keith and I got on with finishing the changes to our generator. Yesterday we thought we had completed the job, only to find we had leaks on some of our old joints, so this morning Keith went off to Screwfix on the bus using his buss pass to get new joints. We spent most of the afternoon changing the joints, filling the system and then bleeding the air out of it. Finally we were able to run the generator and hey presto the new system appears to work, which of course made us both happy. Working on a boat never ever goes according to plan and every job always takes longer than expected. Still the job is now done and fingers crossed we will have no further problems.
Further things on my list include doing a wash tomorrow.
Filling the water tank.
Emptying the loo.
Getting rid of rubbish.
Fill back cabin coal box with house coal.
Tomorrow we have a food delivery coming from Mr Tesco, so we will have a full fridge and cupboard for a couple of weeks.
Things to put in the hold will include hosepipe, trolley for cassette.
We also need fenders, life ring, shears (for long grass) and I know the list will get longer.
Whilst Keith and I were getting busy, Marmite was snoozing on the top of the hob. I had used the cooker to cook lunch and so the hob was nice and warm, so Marmite thought she should make good use of the heat.
She always looks so peaceful. Paddy was also asleep. It is definitely a pets life on our boat.
So we are almost there. It is hoped that we will be setting on Wednesday because we have coal to deliver on the way.

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