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Monday 19 September 2016

I want to hold your hand.

Is it a age or a generation thing or just the way we are.
I have been with Keith for 16 years and whenever we are out we hold hands. I wonder if it's an age thing or just that we are 'touchy feel-y' people.  Keith and I have always held hands. I feel safe and always happy when we hold hands, of course it is not something we do when we are busy with the boat or working locks, after all that would just be stupid. But you may just see us holding hands when walking the towpath.

I have always thought it lovely when you see elderly couples walking along together holding hands. It think it is definitely more a generation thing, because I see more older couples doing it than younger couples. Maybe I notice it more because I am now a mature woman. I say mature, because I am not over the hill yet.

I think more hand holding needs to take place.

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