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Wednesday 21 September 2016

Jobs are getting done.

Happy Wednesday everyone. The middle of the week as far as I am concerned, so it is now downhill to the weekend.

It looks like I am getting back into the groove of blogging, I know it has taken me a while, but life has a habit of getting in the way and with so much going on blogging then takes to the back burner. But here I am and hopefully I will keep this new found incentive to post going.

I have had a day of cleaning the back cabin. I washed all the hung plates and then re-hung the curtains.
All this is happening, because we are going out again. I have begun to polish the brass as well, which always makes the cabin sparkle. The stove got a fresh coat of paint, which I like to do twice a year.
Tomorrows job will be to fill the coal box with house coal and to finish the brass work. I know I have to do the outside of the boat before we head off, but that will be the last thing to be done.
Tomorrow, we are having our generator looked at because it has been playing up and the last thing we need when we are out is for it to go completely. Yes we of course can run our engine, but we never like running it unless we are moving, because she is a noisy old girl. So hopefully the generator will be fixed tomorrow and we will then change the engines oil, top up the batteries and make plans to leave for a month.

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