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Monday 19 September 2016

Birthday Boy.

Hi Folks.

Sunday is always a day of doing very little for me on the whole. I guess I am old school and think Sunday is a day of rest.
Sunday was Keith's birthday and so doing very little was most definitely called for, after all if you cannot relax on your birthday then when can you?

The day began rather chilly, so with Keith feeling the cold the stove was lit, which actually proved to be a mistake, because by the evening we were roasting, but that will come later. The one good thing about lighting the stove it means I can cook things on the top, so my Rhubarb stewed gently and smelt so yummy. The stewed Rhubarb will be going into a crumble today for pudding. I then spent the afternoon pottering around, which meant nothing much was achieved, but hey ho who really cares.

For those of you who know me, you will know you rarely see me in a skirt of a dress. I will wear a dress when we do the 'Village at War' weekend at Stoke Bruerne and I occasionally don a skirt when it is hot, so for me to wear a skirt out of an evening is pretty unheard of, but as it was Keith's birthday and we were heading out for a meal, I did don a skirt and heeled shoes. Our destination for the birthday meal was Mr India in Warwick.
I had my 1st Biryani, which was really lovely.
Keith also had a Prawn Biryani. We are totally recommending Mr India. If you want to drink alcohol you need to take your own, because they do not have a licence, but you can buy soft drinks from them, which is what we did.
We strolled back to the boat through the town, which was rather lovely and arrived back to an extremely warm boat. The idea of lighting the stove was a wonderful idea in the morning, but blimey the heat emanating from the cabin when we stepped on to the boat was intense. Doors were opened and clothes stripped off. Ok minds back in the gutter. I am talking about jackets.

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