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Wednesday 7 September 2016

GP's are not always correct.

I think I may have posted before about being on HRT. I had a hysterectomy in 2004, keeping my Ovaries. Then in 2007 I began the Menopause journey. It was a journey I was coping with until a couple of years ago when the hot flushes, sleepless nights and joint pain kicked in. Now I could cope with the hot flushes and even the sleepless nights, but when it came to my ankles, knees, hips, elbows, fingers and neck hurting so much that I could not turn over in bed without moaning in pain, I needed to do something.

I was put on Estradiol 1 mg and found it worked for me. I had been ticking along quite nicely. When I got my last lot of tablets, the nurse recommended when they were almost finished, I should speak to my GP about having an HRT review, which I did on the 3rd August.
I was shocked when he said that under medical guidelines, he is not happy prescribing HRT after the age of 56. I am 54, so thought I was fine, but it then appeared I was not, because he suggested I stop taking HRT. I asked how should I go about this and his reply was "Oh you just stop taking it". I was a bit taken back, so he then suggested I take one tablet every other day. So that is exactly what I did, because after all we are supposed to trust our GP's. A couple of weeks ago I had a flair-up with my skin allergies, so went and saw the nurse and whilst discussing things, I told her about what my GP had asked me to do. She was a little horrified and said that if I had any problems to speak to one of the female GP's who specialises in HRT, which I agree to do.

I was doing just fine until the 31st August, when I began to notice my joints aching and I was having problems sleeping. Come the 1st August it was wham bam, the Menopause had hit me like a tonne of bricks. I was worse off then before I began the HRT in the first place. The hot flushes were so bad the sheets in the mornings were wet, my joints were so bad I felt like I was 90 years old and sleeping was all over the place. The OH and I spent many early mornings drinking tea.

On Monday I asked to speak to the female GP to be told she was on holiday, but I could speak to one of the other female GP, which I did. The first thing I said to her was 'Help, I need help'. The GP could not have been nicer, she was so helpful and was so sympathetic. She told me my hormones had now gone into overdrive and I was to start taking the HRT immediately. She gave me lots of wonderful advice, which including saying, that yes I would have to come off the HRT in probably a couple of years, but it would be done slowly over a 6 month period, which is fine with me. I was told to see the practice nurse, who did my weight and BP and then happily gave me a prescription for my HRT and she hoped that I would feel better soon.

So I am back on the HRT and today I have noticed a small change in my joints. However the hot flushes are soaking me and everything else.
I have decided that I am never going to see my male GP again. I have completely lost all confidence in him. How can you trust someone who gives you the wrong information?

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