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Wednesday 3 July 2019

Days 104 to 115. To busy to post.

Hello family, friends and followers.

I have been so busy, I have not had time to post for a while, so I apologise if you have been popping in to see what I have been doing.
What I have been doing is having so much fun, which means no posting. As you know from my previous posting, we were at Braunston for the Braunston Historic Boat Rally. We were there to help out, so we spent the first few days putting up signs and sorting out where boats were going for the event.
Prunella Scales.
 Timothy West.
I was fortunate on Saturday to photograph Pru and Tim, as they helped with a a presentation. It was lovely to meet them in the flesh so to speak.
Saturday was extremely hot and I think that put people off coming out, because the numbers were down on boats and the general public. Mind you the £20 car parking charge also put folk off from attending. I was on photographic duty, whilst keith helped with the boat parade on both days of the the rally.
A good time, was had by us all at the Rally and we were looked after incredibly well by Graham and his wife Linda, who organise the moorings and the staff for the parade. It was so lovely to catch up with lots of folk we know and to meet many new people. 
Having done the rally, we left Braunston on Monday morning, having helped clear the signs away. Our destination was Glascote to collect brand new stern fenders from Phil English of Glascote Fenders. Tradline at Braunston had recommended Phil, because they could not do us any fenders until November. So Monday we got to the otherside of Hawkesbury Junction. Yesterday to Alvecote, having done the Atherstone flight. Yesterday did not begin well.
We wanted to leave at 7.30am. We set off at 7:35am, got 2ft from the bank and we picked an assortment of rubbish, including electrical wire, plug, aerial cable, a TV cable amplifier, some sort of bag which I think all the wire etc was in, a bicycle tyre and a sea searcher magnet! After an hour of removing the offending items, we eventually set off. 
We had a nice run behind Historic Boat Holland part way down the Atherstone Flight, before a couple of private boats joined in. We are moored opposite the Samuel Barlow at Alvecote, having done 16.6 miles, 11 locks, 8 hours 35 mins.
This morning another bright and sunny start. We left our overnight mooring and set off for Glascote. We winded between Bridge 71, 73 (Anchor Bridge), moored up and walked up into Glascote to pick up our new stern fenders from Phil English of Glascote Fenders. After making coffee we then retraced our course back to between Grendon Bridge and Bradley Green Bridge, below Atherstone locks. 8.2 miles no locks.
We decided to stop early because we had two boats in front of us, one of which pulled out directly in front of us, despite the fact we sounded our Klaxon to let them know we were coming past. We may move closer to the locks later on, once the heat of the day has gone.

Pop back soon xxx

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