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Saturday 17 August 2013


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Well we have been here for a couple of days now and there are a few historic boats here, but we are expecting more to arrive over the weekend.

Keith and I are enjoying our stay so far. On Wednesday evening we went to The Samuel Barlow with Caroline and John off of NB Vanyar and enjoyed a fabulous meal with a couple of pints. The food was fantastic, Paul the chef did us proud. It was a very busy evening for him with over 60 covers, which he was not expecting. It was great to chat to people we know and to say “Hello” to those we have just met.

Caroline and John left us on Thursday morning and so we are now on our own and enjoying the peace and quiet. We took ourselves off for a walk through the Pooley Nature Reserve.


It was so peaceful with hardly anyone about.

I took lots of wildlife photographs which you can find on my other blog. We were out for a couple of hours and walked up to the Pooley Park. I am quite sure we will be doing it again whilst we are here, if the weather allows, as it is set to rain today.

Yesterday (Friday) I took myself off over to the Priory.


The Alvecote Benedictine Priory was founded 1159 by William Burdett as a dependency of Great Malvern Priory. Apparently after he returned from a crusade, Burdett accused his wife of being unfaithful, he went on to stab her, and as penance founded the monastery. Today it is just a ruin, but it can still evoke thoughts of its history.


Hidden in the under growth is this small building with a gate. I wonder what it was for? Perhaps a jail or for storage.


Whilst I was there and hidden in the grass, I heard the tinkling of bells and on the wall of the priory saw a Harris Hawk. Wondering where it had appeared from, I went to investigate. There was a young man wearing all the falconry gear calling the bird. She is 6 years old and absolutely stunning. I had a quick chat with the young man, but left him to his training as I did not want to disturb him and his stunning bird. I went back to hiding in the grass. I should say I was standing in the long grass, so I could get better shots of the Butterflies which you will find on my other blog. I love going out with my camera, I love even more when you get to take photographs of something very unexpected, like the Harris Hawk.

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