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Wednesday 7 August 2013

Back on the Coventry.

Map picture

Travelled 5.85 miles, worked 5 locks in a time of 3 hours 40 minutes.


We left Alrewas at 8.50 am after a pretty quiet evening. It was only disturbed by the boat in front of us, who started up his engine at 8 pm and ran it for an hour, despite their being signs along the moorings asking for boaters to be considerate to the home owners. Maybe the gentleman needs to read considerate boating. Anyway we set off for the first lock of the day Bagnall Lock with a boat in front of us and one behind.


The boat in front were in the lock when we arrived, they were having trouble keeping the bottom gates closed because the balance of the gates meant they kept opening on their own, they were also trying to handle two dogs which were on the lock side. Now I have said this before, dogs should remain on the boat when at locks, I see no reason for having your dog or dogs running around at a lock. The woman told me that the smaller of the dogs tended to wander off at locks, so she found it hard to handle the dog and work the lock. Well to me it is not rocket science, keep the dog on the boat. I helped them up through the lock and they went on their way. Came up through the lock with the help of another boater who was behind us. The bottom gates are a pain, but there are ways to keep the gates shut, you just need to know them.


Goodbye to Alrewas. Onward to Common Lock and yet another dog worrying around the lock grrrrrrr. The owner made the dog sit and told me I made her sit because otherwise you will find her up behind you without you knowing. Now to me that is then going to be a trip hazard. I do not want to spend my time watching other peoples dogs, I prefer to concentrate on working my lock. I did say to the lady about keeping her dog on the boat, but she reckoned the dog cries when she leaves the boat. I can see a day when there is going to be a dreadful accident at a lock with a dog, we all know that locks can be dangerous and the terrible accident a couple of weeks ago on the Buckby flight reminded us all how dangerous locks can be and yet there was no dog involved. You need eyes in the back of your head, if you want to work a lock and control your dog. Sorry but you cannot do both.


Hunts Lock.


We stopped above Huts Lock to empty the cassette and get rid of rubbish, the water point was taken so we left that until we turned at the junction.


Heading for Keepers Lock.


Fradley Junction.


In Keepers Lock.


Whilst I closed the gate at Keepers Lock, Keith turned Hadar left at the junction, which bought us back on to the Coventry Canal. I then legged it to open the footbridge, so Keith could get through.


We moored on the water point to fill up with water.


There were a lot of boaters on the move today as we made our way past Streethay Wharf.


We moored up just past Streethay Wharf. Opposite us is a riding school and I can see a plane sitting in the field, hope I see that go up. Moored up, lunch was made and eaten and so now it is time to think about what jobs to get done today.

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