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Thursday 29 August 2013

Cathiron to Rugby.

Travelled 2.5 miles, no locks, 1hr 40mins.
Short jaunt for us this morning after a restful nights sleep.
Even thought the railway runs close by and the railway beidge was behind us, it did not disturb my sleep, what did disturb me was Marmite who wanted to find a warm place to sleep for the night, so she curled up on the bottom of the bed by my feet. I reckon she is already in Winter mode, if she is feeling the cold already.
We stopped off at Yates Boat Yard Newbold to take on 200 + litres of diesel, it seemed rude not to with it being only 78p a litre, which is far cheaper than anything else we had seen of late. It is fabulous to see the yard up and running again.
Having had a lovely chat whilst filling up with diesel we said cheerio to the owner and headed off through Newbold Tunnel.
A boat came past us and warned us that there was a boat across the cut as his bow rope had come adrift, by the time we got there his bow rope was also adrift and so the boat was floating free. Unfortunately we could not get the boat back into the bank as it had drift on to the shallows on the opposite bank and  it was to shallow for us, to even attempt helping the boat back to the bank, we could see ourselves running aground as well, so we had to warn the next boat heading towards it that there was a boat free from its mooring. We guess they have gone for a walk around Newbold Quarry.

We arrived in Rugby and found one mooring available to to us on Broughton Park, so we moored up, locked up and headed off to get some dog food and cat litter. Keith also wanted to go to Maplins. James Wellbeloved dog food has certainly gone up in prices £50 for a 15kg bag. Just as well Paddy does not eat much and it will last him sometime, otherwise I will be sending him out to work for his board and lodging.
When we got back to the boat, Michael and Geraldine on the Cheese Boat were moored opposite us, they had caught us up. We will be shopping at Tesco’s tomorrow morning before we set off, as Keith does not get his pension until tomorrow.

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