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Thursday 1 August 2013

Lunch in Burton-upon-Trent

Map picture

Travelled 5.3 miles worked 1 lock in a time of 2 hours 5 minutes.


Yesterday due to the weather we did not bother moving, after all no point getting soaked if you do not have to. I did however feel for those who were on the move, there were a lot of hirers looking like drowned rats.

So this morning we left our mooring at 8.50 am, crossed over to the sanitary station to empty the toilet cassette.


Wonder what the lump is on the roof of the house in the distance, I wondered if it was something to do with star gazing?


We crossed over the River Dove.


Pillbox on the aqueduct.


Horninglow basin.


Dallow Lock. Back to the single locks.


We moored up just past Shobnall Fields, with a view of the Marston Brewery, well I can see it if I stand on the roof of the boat.

Having done the boat jobs we locked the boat up and walked into Burton-upon-Trent.


The walk is approximately a 25 minute walk from the road bridge.


Past Shobnall Marina.


The town has some outstanding buildings.


Burton Shopping Centre. Lovely shopping centres and market.


We had a fantastic lunch at Wingwah for £6.99 each as much as we could eat. The town is a beautiful little town with many historic buildings and of course a brewing history and places to visit such as the National Brewery Centre. Brewers Coors and Marston are dominant in the town. Coors was originated from Bass Brewers which was founded in 1777, the company has gone through many name changes over the years.


Marstons Brewery have over 2,000 public houses in the UK and we have enjoyed food and a pint of two in some of them.


Where ever you look there are buildings of outstanding beauty in the town, we really did enjoy our visit, but with the heat rising and us both dripping, we decided to head back to the boat. I did pick up a new top from a charity shop and I went into go old Wilkinson’s to get a couple of new paint brushes. Last of the big spenders. The forecasters got it right it is sweltering, I flung open the side doors and engine room doors to let some air into the boat. The solar panel was soaking up all the rays giving us plenty of battery power.

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