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Sunday 4 August 2013

Weekend at Branston and meeting blog readers.

Sunday morning dawned and it was overcast and grey with a drop in temperature. After the first cuppa of the day in bed watching the BBC news, it was time to get out of bed and walk Paddy. I took him for a walk in the water park and again introduced him to the dog paddling area, but there was no way he was going to dip his paws into the water and so made a bid to return to the boat for his breakfast.


Even though the sun was not shining like yesterday, it did not stop Keith and I taking off for another walk around the park.


Marmite just wanted to stay in bed.

With cameras in hand Keith and I set off, unfortunately the battery in Keith’s camera did not last very long, so he did not take many photographs. I on the other hand was busy again and you can see the photographs I took on my wildlife blog.


Out on the lake there were some radio controlled model boats.


The wind was getting up, so they were pitching and rolling, but it was nice to watch as they glided across the water.

After a lovely stroll, we walked back to the boat and I made us a coffee. The skies overhead were beginning to darken, which meant we were going to get the rain forecast on the mornings weather.

After lunch the rain began to fall and so the TV went on for the Sunday afternoon film. Whilst watching British Touring Cars, there came a knock on the boat and outside stood Julie and Eamonn, who have a share in a boat and read our blogs. Having read our blogs they saw we were close so came and paid us a visit, which was so lovely of them. It is always wonderful to meet up with blog readers and fellow boaters.


Julie bought us a jar of Marmite Gold limited edition, because unbeknown to me we had taken Marmite (cat) home when we were in Burton-upon-Trent. I am a huge lover of the brown gold and should have realised that Marmite was conceived in 1902 and the Marmite Food Company opened a small factory in Burton-on-Trent where it still resides today. Thanks to Julie I have been and looked up all about the factory. I was so caught up in the fact that Burton brews beer mmmmm, I never even thought about the Marmite, which is yummy on toast with butter. It was lovely to chat to Julie and Eamonn and hear their news and their adventures, next time we meet we will have to have a coffee or maybe a beer and chat much more and who knows we may see them when they are out on their boat.

The weather has really closed in and so we have closed the boat up to the world and are watching the Rocketeer. No idea what tomorrow will bring, but if it is pouring down we will stay put.

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