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Monday 4 August 2014


A few months ago the Arm took in some new residence. They were a pair of Mandarin ducks. Tony one of the residence here made then a lovely home which they have gotten used to. But yesterday it was release day.


Tony unscrewed the drop down flap.


Now we were all expecting Rosie and Jim (yes that is their names) to dash out, making a break for freedom, but they were having none of it.


Our resident Swan paid them a visit and invited them to come out.


Our young Moorhen even popped for a bit to eat and showed them how to get out, but no they were staying put.


They clearly enjoyed their home and were not for leaving. Then later in the evening the female finally ventured out into the wide blue yonder, but Jim did not come out to gone 10pm when it was getting dark, which worried us all. Both Rosie and Jim seemed none to worried about being out of their home, which was left open in case they felt the need to return to the comfort provided.


This morning they were happily swimming around in our winding hole, which is good news, because if they stay in that area then visitors will be able to see and feed them there.


The next worry was how would they get on with getting out of the water, because they have had their wings pinioned so they cannot fly far. They appear to have made friends with this female Mallard, but haven’t worked out how to get up onto the bank where she is.


We need not have worried, because this afternoon they were out on the bank by the winding hole soaking up the sun and having a snooze.

We really hope that they stay with us and perhaps breed next year.

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