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Friday 15 August 2014

Twice in one week.

This past week has seen us going to the hospital twice. Now I should give you an update from last week. Keith went to see his Physio Fran and after a good session with her, he was putting his shoes back on whilst she got his appointment for this week ready and darn it his back went. His session was over so there was nothing that could be done Keith managed to hobble home, where I greeted him.

So now to this week. Wednesday Keith had his CT scan appointment. he had to drink some contrast drink over an hour and then was called in for his scan, which normally takes 10 to 15 minutes, but not in Keith’s case. They could not get the cannula in, despite two nurses trying, so a doctor had to be called in. Eventually they had success and his scan went ahead. After an hour he was finally done and dusted. We now have to wait for the results, which we hope will show up why he is still suffering pain under his ribs.

Today was Physio day again, after a week of struggling with his back pain, we managed to walk to the hospital. Fran got to work on Keith’s back and I was then called in to see how to do the kneading against his spine, which is supposed to help relax the muscles. I am now in charge of doing these twice a day. I feel like the nurses uniform will be making an appearance again (Not likely). Keith actually walked out of the session much better than he walked into it, so Fran his Physio was much happier with him. He goes back again in a couple of weeks, so we must try and make some progress before then.

That’s his news out of the way.

Paddy our Border Collie is clearly showing his age of late and I have noticed he is slowing up. Over the past few days he has not been eating that much, which is a bit of a worry as he is not a big eater anyway. I had thought it was due to the spell of hot weather we have had, but now I am beginning to think it is his age as he is 10 years old (70 in doggy years). Tonight he did not want his dinner at all, so I walked to Sainsbury’s to get a tin of Chappie, so see if I could get him to eat something, and blow me down when I got back he was eating his dinner slowly, but he was at least making an attempt. Eventually he ate it all, so fingers are crossed this continues, otherwise we may have to pay a visit to the vets.

Marmite is fine thankfully.

Me well, I am me and I just get on with getting on. I am seeing the community practitioner at the start of next month about my HRT, because I do feel it is not the right dosage, because the initial success, seems to have tailed off, which is disappointing, but patience is required in this matter. My sciatica keeps popping up, which is making my foot hurt, but I carry-on regardless. I have little time to be under the weather and one of us has to get on with the boat chores. I am also busy with the gardens and there are plans afoot for the coming Autumn, which I will elaborate nearer the time.


The Arm’s Mandarin Ducks Rosie and Jim are still here which is giving everyone great joy. They seem to be very happy here and are always close by at feeding time.


Last night George and Mildred the geese, were contemplating on whether they could move into Rosie and Jim’s old home. We are hoping to get some more ducks at some point, so the home will be used again soon we home.

I have been busy knitting boatman’s winter scarves, which is a pattern my best friend showed me how to do and I have also been crocheting more blankets with wool given to me by wonderful friends. But I always need more wool, so it your coming our way and have wool you no longer want, I will happily take it off your hands to make things with. Oh and old t-shirts are also welcome for Keith’s rag rugs. Any colour and pattern he is not fussy.

Since being here, there has not been a dull or boring moment. Of course we both miss cruising, but we had so many wonderful people come into the arm that we know. At the moment we have Christine and Richard on NB Mandalay. We also have Kathleen and Richard on NB Pea-Knuckle and Jenny, Mick on NB Trundle and Pauline and Simon on NB Lady Galadriel. Lots of chatter and catching up has been going on over the past few days and I dare say a lot more will be happening over the weekend.

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