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Monday 11 August 2014

Tad windy and Carrots.

Well how did you fair with ex hurricane Bertha?

We had plenty of rain and then the wind kicked in yesterday afternoon. Come 3 pm there was a heck of a bang outside, so we went to investigate, only to find our girl heading off to the other side of the Arm, which I spoke about yesterday.


This is the nice new mooring ring we have had fitted by Ian. We hope that this one will last.

The wind blew into the evening and no further problems thankfully.

This morning we woke to sunshine and a gusty breeze. The sunshine is very welcome, the blustery showers we could do without. Before the showers, I walked Paddy and then headed off up the town to get a couple of things from Sainsbury and some size 10 needles from the Myton Hospice Charity Shop. Now I say Charity because that is what it is, but with some of the prices on their goods you would think they were a main retailer. I am pretty sure that Charity shops have gotten more and more expensive, or it may just be my imagination, or maybe I am becoming a scrooge in my mature years. Some of the Charity shop prices are silly. A top I saw and fancied from TU (Sainsbury’s) was £5.99, which to me is way to expensive for 2nd hand. So that stayed on the hanger.

Leaving us this morning were John, Caroline and Beren on NB Vanyar, NB Meanders and a stunning narrow Dutch barge Etoile du Nord.


I know they pop in to read the blog. So it was lovely to meet you and thank you for reading my ramblings. Sadly with a brain like a sieve I have forgotten you names. Maybe you can let me know please.

Lunchtime seemed to come round quickly. Yesterday I had cooked Braising Steak and Mushrooms and so I put that into a pie case. We had potatoes, home grown beans and our home grown carrots.


Our first picking. I just love the quirky shapes.

The sun is back out and I am in knitting mode. I am trying to knit a new pattern for a boatman’s scarf. If I pull it off I will post a photograph.

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